Skinny Fat: How to Lose Fat Build Muscle and Get Abs….The Real Way

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  1. dimebaggdaniel

    “Too much cardio will send a signal that tells your body that you don’t
    give a fuck about your muscle.” Lol calm like a bomb while he tells us. 

  2. Fuensanta Noteyoung

    To build six pack abs or flat stomach, it is not just how hard the workouts
    you take, it is also about the what you eat. And science proof has show
    that you can increase the way to get your six pack abs (or flat stomach) 2x
    – 4x more quickly just only by consume 5 foods that kill abdominal fat.

  3. My family laughed when I told them I would lose weight with Skinnimaker
    System, but then they saw the results. Go and google Skinnimaker System to
    see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  4. I think putting a pull up bar and a squat rack with a bench in your room
    with a full set of plates would be the best way to get ripped. you go to
    sleep in the gym and wake up in the gym. 

  5. Reivax Zagonlez

    can someone tellme if this is right. i want to gain strength and size and
    lose fat. ill be doing 3 times a week full body compound workouts.(5×5) for
    most lifts. and off days hiit such as barbell circuits adn sprinting once a
    week. also on afternoon lifts days do some 30 min liss.

  6. KristenxLeanne

    Ah finally, someone who is honest about the amount of time it takes to
    reach even small goals! :]

  7. MyOwnWorstEnemy99

    +Maribelle Reichle
    It worked for me as well. Im a personal
    trainer & I got this program from a friend
    to check it & the result was stunning cause
    this program was almost the same as one
    given by the dietician. I fully recommend
    it to everyone who want to have a great
    body like mine 🙂
    PS=You mispelled the site name,Its:
    *put dots in place of the commas*^^

  8. If you want to shed fat, you should do a google search Fat Blast Furnace.
    That might help you get the body you deserve.

  9. what. when i was bulking, I was becoming skinny fat because i DIDN’T do
    cardio. as a result my body fat percent went from 7 to 16% and I started
    getting a keg instead of a six pack even though I did stuff like oblique,
    weighted and reverse crunches.

  10. Omar, to achieve my target goal of 10% bf from current 22% at 165: Assuming
    I gain 3 lb/month (1.5 muscle 1.5 fat) while gaining and lose 3 lb/month
    (2.25 fat 0.75 muscle) while cutting, I will need 3 bulking and 3 cutting
    cycles, each cycle adding 20 lb gain/loss (total 120 = 60 gain & 60 loss).
    this will take 40 months or 3 1/2 years!!!! HOly moly! And I am already 34
    . This sounds scary and depressing. Can you please verify if I am on the
    right track here?

  11. Dominic Pirozzolo

    Today I found out i was skinny fat…bahahaha. Stick thin everywhere but my
    gut…but I definitely eat like a fat ass…and don’t work out.

  12. santosh chaudhary

    If you seriously want to lose fat fast, you should search google for “Swift
    Fat Loss”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  13. Liked the video just because you said “Abercrombie and Bitch models”. Great

  14. 1. proper calories (for me 2500-3200 calories) 2. Gallon of water a day 3.
    Weight training – small weight w/ plenty of reps 4. progressive increase:
    less reps, more weight 5. Cardio after six weeks 6. Plenty of rest (8 hours
    a night) 7. Whole body workout rather than targeted approach The key: Get
    my body out of starvation mode, push myself harder, make the right goals
    Damn that helped. I have lost six weeks in the wrong direction

  15. thanks for the help man 😀 and well for the past 3 weeks I’ve been doing
    about 3 different workouts for each muscle I’m training that day *got a 3
    day split of chest and tric/back, bic, shoulders/legs* with 4 sets of 9-14
    reps with 30 sec rest between sets. After that I go walk for an hour with
    my heart rate at 131 steady.. I do this 5 days a week. Also what about
    white rice? I tend to eat that a lot

  16. oh that first line should have read ” small portions of protein/carbs and
    veggies ..” instead of just “small portions”. A portion for carbs is your
    whole fist , for protein eat about the same. People say taper down carbs as
    the night winds down. If you really have a lot of fat too lose, then and
    only then do that. Since you also really skinny it , it may not not be a
    good idea for you (remembering we want lifestyle change not crash diet)

  17. i kind of look like what you did when you were “skinny” should i just
    continue working out like you?

  18. I don’t want to be big and gain muscle I want to get smaller and gain a
    more toned muscle body. how to do that ? do I need to use weights still to
    lose or I can just do cardio? I’m using Tonalin and Garcinia cambogia .
    I’m like 166 Ib and 5’7

  19. My favorite supplement is Trenbolone. I get it at GNC, but surprisingly
    they don’t keep it on the shelves, you have to ask the huge bodybuilder guy
    working there for it. Oh, and for some other strange reason they don’t let
    you pay with credit card for it so you better bring cash!

  20. 1:07 baby hodge doing his weighted crunch on the bed behind Keith’s right
    shoulder look closely :D

  21. I have never taken pre workout supps. I just go to the gym mentally
    focused. If you rely on pre workout. Your body will rely on it. And then
    there will come the day where that shit just dont kick anymore. And guess
    what your body is confused and also your mind. You end up back at square
    one. Eat hard, train harder, thats my motto. Btw JACK 3D got banned here in
    Aus. I ppl who were on it and i pushed way more than them fools.

  22. Aint this a bitch. The video I saw just before this one was about how much
    bullshit the prework out BCAAs are…by these same two fuckers!!!!!!! I
    guess Jacked3D is paying somebody off.

  23. I’m lost. In one video you said Jack3d is bullshit but in this video you
    say its great?

  24. jack3d is a heart attack in a can! Screw all those pre workout supps…
    just get a good night sleep beforehand and eat some fast digesting carbs
    1/2 hr. before

  25. SpiritMolecule1

    you STUPID ASSBRAIN! its not about size so much as it is being THAT ripped,
    all fitness models are on roids for example you stupid beginner.

  26. If you want to bulk up, you should look up on Google “H6x Muscle Monster”.
    That might help you get the body you deserve.

  27. Fuckin love yalls channel. feels great to get advice from some chill dudes
    that started from scratch, whats the email that we can email you guys

  28. SpiritMolecule1

    twins are good dudes but clearly on roids, i understand why they wont admit

  29. whats a good safe pre workout for people under 18? because jacked and other
    shit says its not intended for people under the ages of 18yrs old

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  31. SpiritMolecule1

    its easy to see when someone is on roids when looking at their body, the
    level of rippedness, puffyness etc

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