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How today’s top pro athletes get ripped six pack abs – When people ask me how to get a 6 pack, it’s always hard to give them…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Six Pack Abs Workout | No Excuses”

  1. Have been doing so many abs workouts never felt the burn then i came across
    your workouts wooooooow they are super amazing i can feel the
    pain……keep up for good work……..follow your workouts everyday en
    bring more

  2. i’ve been doing this for a week and i’ve already started to see results .
    thanks a lot for this man . 

  3. Hi Brendan, thanks for the tips. I have a bit of belly fat, but in general
    I wouldn’t call myself overweight, my friend suggested me to pick up
    running to lose the belly fat, but I’m afraid that i will lose weight on my
    whole body. what is your suggestion?

  4. Amazing! I’ve been trying out a few of your videos everyday, ran into my ex
    and lets just say the results are noticeable (:
    keep it up ! 

  5. Hi Brendan, this video seems to be effective. I’ve tried many other
    workouts but none of them have given me the abs i’ve always wanted. So i
    hope this one does. Just one question, how often should i do this workout,
    i mean, how many times a week? Normally i did the previous workouts 3 times
    per week. But i’ll wait for your answer. Thanks!

  6. Mann i was chillin in my office procrastinating and came across your video.
    Got off my fat ass and tried a few of these. Damn they work. Just
    subscribed. Thanks for creating such a great tutorial. Just don’t like the
    music so loud cause its hard to hear you.

  7. Well what I do is do 50 cruches 150 situps and 50 pushups and I’m ripped
    just giving advice

  8. Mr.Meyers, i am in the 8th grade and have a huge belly………my height is
    164 cm and weight is 45 kg…….How long will it take to reduce it?

  9. Yo dude. I had solid abz about 3 years ago and lost them. The shape is
    still there but again not well defined. Would I use a cardio or Ab workout
    in order to get them back ?

  10. Hey Brenden. I’ve been following your workout for about three weeks. I’m
    already in pretty good condition I think. However. While doing all of your
    an workouts I notice that my lower back begins to pull. I know that’s a
    sign of a weak lower back. Could you please help me find a workout to
    strengthen my lower back. And keep up the great work on your videos! Your
    my inspiration!

  11. Finally I found this video! 😀 It’s really effective. Thank’s Brendan! 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  12. im 17years, i weight 65kg i started working out 2 days ago, is this very
    useful for me because when i workout i run out of stuff to do? and do i
    have to eat alot before doin this workout?

  13. Ever wonder how today’s top pro athletes get their ripped #sixpackabs –
    Not JUST with their #abworkout

    Here’s what I mean…

    When people ask me how to get a 6 pack, it’s always hard to give them just
    one answer. This is because getting six pack abs is about much more than
    just doing #abexercise or knowing the right ab workout!

    As you’ll see in this video, beyond having solid nutrition (which is
    necessary for stripping away the body fat hiding your abs) you will also
    need to consider the difference between direct and indirect ab training.
    Direct ab training is what you would associate with your regular ab
    workouts. Performing sets of specific exercises geared at training your
    rectus abdominus, transverse and obliques.

    Beyond that however is something that I believe is far more important.
    This is the amount of indirect ab workouts that you get each week. What I
    mean by this is how much are your abs working during the rest of your
    workouts? I can tell you that if you spend a great deal of your time in a
    gym using machines, then your answer is not enough.

    In fact, even if you’re doing direct ab work 7 days a week, you still won’t
    be able to overcome a lack of sufficient indirect ab training.

    Take a look at this sample ab workout to get an idea of just how much your
    abs can be worked into your every day workouts. You should see that
    learning how to get #6packabs fast has much more to do with your
    complete approach to training than what you do 5 minutes at a time!

    For a complete workout program geared at getting you a six pack fast, be
    sure to head to to get the exact program
    used by today’s top pro athletes known for their abs. The ATHLEAN-X
    Training System is letting regular guys train like pro athletes every time
    they workout!

    #fitnesstips #workout #workoutsecrets #fitness #abs 

  14. It’s comforting to know, that as a relatively newly qualified PT,
    I’m training clients in the way you are advising. I’m 43 now so have the
    understanding of ageing, injury, effects of poor technique and posture
    etc…. So I encourage everybody who trains, to do so Functionally to
    prevent future issues….. They don’t all listen of course but hey !

  15. What are some good direct ab workouts that stimulate a thoracic extension?
    The video was really helpful and will implement the workouts in my regime
    each day. 

  16. Hey I’m a fan. All your videos are so true your are so right.
    Tell me about p90x.?
    1. Good
    2. Ok
    3. Great
    4. Idk.
    5. Absolutely phenomenal an awesome
    Lol. Thanks 

  17. Hi. Im skinny and the thought of supplements, besides training, is always
    on my mind. However, im a bit afraid of them. We hear that they may not be
    safe, because of cholesterol, or because they may damage your livre ir
    kidneys. Could you make a special vídeo on the risks of nutrition, and btw,
    the importance of drinking water?

    Thanks from Portugal

  18. First Off: Thank you so much for this Video. Very informative

    Secondly: I agree with what “allcartuner” said: allcartuner
    2 weeks ago

    Jeff, please do a video with best stretches for all major muscle groups.
    This is one important part of my workout, yet I struggle to find good
    stretches for some muscles.

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