Shredded By Summer Workout

Shredded By Summer Workout

How to lose 10 lbs of fat FAST: Hey y’all, It’s Mike and today I’m going to show you how to get shredded by summer. This vid…
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  1. I have a question, one year ago, I was like 1.5 inches taller than my best
    friend, now he is that much taller than me. And I moved from where my old
    school was, but once, I happened to see someone who I was a little taller
    than, now that person is taller than me (not by that much.) But I was
    wondering, why? Am I not growing like before? Am I short? Im 13 and like 5
    foot 4

  2. I’m 5’10” 125lbs and a high metabolism… what do I do to get muscle in
    all parts of my body?

  3. Wow great work out! I LMAO when you said C’mon you Damn timer! You
    motivated me to push harder by just saying if you want it you have to work
    for it!

  4. “1 month: 10 pounds
    2 months: 20
    3 months: you do the math”
    i swear someone somewhere said something stupid.

  5. Hey im 1.80 cm tall and about 67 kg and im trying to get ripped will this
    help get my abs out really fast if i do it every day 

  6. Leonard Blanton

    Hey man I’ve seen almost everyone of you videos and done every workout that
    my body can still handle but its not working I’ve tryed everything idk how
    to do it and more 

  7. I’m 5,6 and weigh 100 pounds how can I get a six pack but I’m trying to be
    125 or 130 by the end of summer would I eat a lot and work out or what ? 

  8. I like how this video shows the struggle of working out and really pushing
    yourself when you want to give up

  9. If you have that much trouble doing your own work out in your condition how
    do you expect it to be an effective workout for someone 30 pounds over
    weight ?

  10. Would this workout be effective to lose weight if you want to lose more
    than 10lbs?

  11. Kumar Shankar

    To folks who want to melt fat some day, Copy and Paste Into Google
    Skinnimaker System and get started.

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