Shredded Abs Workout

Crazy ab workout that will get you shredded! I do this routine once a week. Every exercise is 3×10-12 reps with the heaviest weight possible to finish the se…

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  1. Yessir! Have you checked out the new facebook page? Several other people
    like me are working together to build a fitness community around education
    and inspiration. facebook . com/neversettlefitness

  2. When I learned that heavy resistance does not explode the waist I jumped in
    with both feet. I like your weight crunch (first exercise of the video).
    Those are very sweet.

  3. matthewmovement

    Not even sure where I found it exactly. I remember watching a video where
    someone was twisting at the bottom of the rep of a crunch with weight in
    their hands and then was given some pretty solid info as to why that can be
    bad for your back. The recommendation to replace the exercise was similar
    to the one i do here.

  4. So you do this once a week. Do you do any other lesser ab training through
    the week? Is this the routine you began with? How long have you been doing

  5. matthewmovement

    Honestly, I don’t like to show them off in this fashion. I try to be
    generally modest about my body in general. I get to show off enough in
    fitness modeling.

  6. Dang, saw some of your vids, you’re awesome. Cool abs, you should def. be
    proud and show them. I recognize your gym/rec!! I’m an alum from a few
    years back – so basically, I helped pay for it but never got to use it.
    …the wooden ceiling gave it away. What a small, Central world.

  7. matthewmovement

    It may not get as many views. But that’s a great idea man! I’ll make a diet
    video in the near future. All because of you!

  8. Also, I noticed that when I did it bending my legs, that my hips also
    raised slightly at the top. Is that natural? I’d consider recording myself
    or having someone record me, but I don’t think cameras are allowed in a
    public gym like that, which is why I’ve never brought one to LA Fitness,
    and I do have a Canon PowerShot. After all, I do like do record my origres,
    or have someone else record it, as was the case with the pool videos on my
    channel, but the only gym I have access to is LA Fitness.

  9. LexFitness - New Era Aesthetics

    Yes I use the cables for doing crunch work, other than that I just do more
    extensive core exercises using hanging body weight on the pull up bars

  10. LexFitness - New Era Aesthetics

    I don’t PT as such anymore (used to) instead I do “Train with me” sessions
    where I train side by side with people teaching them throughout. They get
    to choose the focus but I find it a much better to give people a visual of
    seeing how I train which they can then repeat with instruction from myself
    and plus they get feel for the timing and intensity they should be putting
    in. I dislike massively standing next to someone and just telling them what
    to do….. Gotta get involved! Ha -lll—lll-

  11. Are you also a personal trainer ? Btw. your videos are awesome and helpful
    ! Keep up the good work, Lex !

  12. LexFitness - New Era Aesthetics

    Music is a remix by Razihel called Homesick…link to the FB page is in the

  13. LexFitness - New Era Aesthetics

    Cheers buddy! Another video being edited now for a PROTEIN PIZZA! Stay
    tuned -lll—lll-

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