Shred Your Lower Abs With This Hanging Knee Raise Technique

Shred Your Lower Abs With This Hanging Knee Raise Technique – The way most poeple do hanging knee raises tends to involve the hip flexors too much. This simple technique is a c…

18 thoughts on “Shred Your Lower Abs With This Hanging Knee Raise Technique”

  1. There is nothing wrong with training your hip flexors. Its the secondary
    muscle. I train my hip flexor so i can hold my hanging leg raises
    higher… i hold mine for 5 seconds with a V Shape(Arm and Foot close to
    gther) for 6 times per set.

  2. travisolsonfitness

    Looking Jacked Nick! Keep it up man! Awesome Video! I just finished
    building up to 227lbs while keeping my bf under 15%. Focusing on fat loss
    now. Looking forward to seeing how much my abs pop out with this tip.

  3. Hey Nick! I found out that if I switch up the grip to underhand I feel more
    of my abs engaging, specially the serratus anterior. overhadn grip kindda
    hurts my shoulder. is it wrong if i do it underhand?

  4. This is how I do my leg raises. I end up inverted. After I wait a minute
    and hit my pull-ups. Kills my teres muscles but makes ’em strong 😀

  5. underhand is totally fine, especially if you get more activation out of it.
    And yep, I could totally see that hitting the serratus more – that arm
    position allows for better shoulder blade protraction.

  6. you bet – heavy partials are the best for improving tendon and ligament
    strength. For biceps, I would suggest lockout partials in the top range.
    It’s one of the only times I’ll recommend curls in the rack! Just set the
    rails to just below the lockout position (a few inches is fine) and do just
    the top few inches with your normal 1 RM weight (to start). You can move up
    from there.

  7. fair question! If you go to my site powerfultrainingsecrets (dot com), I’ve
    got a picture posted on the front page.

  8. Still the Man Nick. Keep up the good work Brah! Any tips on increasing
    tendon size and/or strength, if it is possible. I really need to lock my
    bicep when armwrestling and my tendons get a thrashingThanx heaps dude,
    much respect.

  9. Actually yep 🙂 I’m on a fat-loss phase right now, and I’m getting down to
    very near that leanness again.

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