Shoulder Workout for Round Thick Cut Shoulders Arnold Press (Christian Guzman) My name is Christian Guzman, and I am a 19 year old college student. I have been working about for about five years. The majority of the past five years have consisted of strength and agility training. Recently, I have invested a lot of time educating myself about building muscle, shedding fat, “bulking”, “cutting”, overall nutrition, and supplements. In the future I hope to open up my own group training gym offering which will offer different styles of training tailored to my client’s interest. I am in the process of getting a modeling portfolio together with the hope of getting my name out there. I am really looking forward to answering any questions you guys have, so email me any questions or videos you would like to see at
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25 thoughts on “Shoulder Workout for Round Thick Cut Shoulders Arnold Press (Christian Guzman)”

  1. Hey christian would this work all three heads? I thought this exercise would be primarily front with a little of the lateral head

  2. music is awesome in all his vids.. opinions are opinions he is the only one complaining about it so don’t change anything !

  3. work all 3 heads i dont know about that man, it does side and front only rear delt raise can hit rear delts as well as some back exercises…but all round good video

  4. Love the song man, and i love your looks, keep up the great work….Nice body BTW

  5. Christian Guzman

    agreed. The rotation does hit all heads, but rear is most definitely worked the least. That is in all cases other than rear delt flies, rear delt compound rows, and upright rows depending on the angle.

  6. if you are smart you can add ” BUT” i like and support Christian 😛 just an advice


    i like your videos. do you have a video on your body transformation or will you be making one in the future ? btw, you’ve got some nice genetics im tryna go for a body kind of like urs except just a tad more bulk

  8. nickbarrettfitness

    cool video man, but about the rear head i dont know about that bro as primary front and secondary medial head but good info anyway 😀 check my channel btw i just started it a few weeks ago 😀

  9. steviewonderbirdie

    hey nice vid, would you do any other pressing movements in your shoulder workout or just this?

  10. this is the arnold press, but very good tutorial anyways. btw what is the music playing?

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  12. Christian Guzman

    it works the entire shoulder, but yes, the front and side delt are hit primarily.

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