Shoulder-Arm & Abdominal Exercise to Gain Muscle & Get Ripped Abs

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 thoughts on “Shoulder-Arm & Abdominal Exercise to Gain Muscle & Get Ripped Abs”

  1. does anyone know why I can not reply to about 10% of the comments? Is that
    because the commenter is not subscribed to my channel?

  2. It also works the muscles between your shoulder blades, whatever they are
    called. My GOSH my arms are sore, lololol…but that’s a good thing.

  3. Does your shirt say 12 week Fat Loss E-course on the back? T shirt give
    away is a good way to get your advertisement into gyms all over the
    country. ASA (Arm Shoulder Ab) Exercise. So, the negative is the most
    important? That’s good to know. Let me ask you this though, is it
    beneficial to do these more than once/day? Or is that overload? In past I
    have always believed to give a 48 hour rest but is it necessary? I prefer
    to do my workouts in the gym but that just isn’t possible right now so I’m
    doing a little at a time in my office. I have a set of weights here. Oh and
    by the way, people are asking me about you, so keep up the good work.

  4. Awesome Happy Birthday Darin!
    By the way your shirt looks like it says- for fatloss go to
    Just saying doesn’t look like

  5. Armando Cernichari

    Your videos and advices are great! I’m going to start doing this exercise
    tomorrow, happy birthday!

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