Should I eat very little food- Response- christiancomplex

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25 thoughts on “Should I eat very little food- Response- christiancomplex”

  1. @Belieff3 try to give yourself 12 hours between your last big meal of the
    day and breakfast the next day 🙂

  2. rokonuzzaman rana

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    might help you get the body you deserve.

  3. @ScottHermanFitness if you do abbs before your other muscles.. Then won’t
    you restrict your bodys ability to push yourself harder for other muscle

  4. can you do a video aboutttt me. heres a question “what are your plans for
    acting since your not on realworld anymore”..

  5. I’m getting at least 1300 cals a day. The health minimum is 1200. I don’t
    understand this logic of eating more to lose weight. Unless you just eat
    vegetables or water based products.

  6. im 18, I do not have alot of fat and never had, im not getting fat at all
    and I Do eat a lot of unhealthy stuff.., If I want to gain muscle weight,do
    I have to take serious diet?

  7. Scott i admire your dedication to fitness and health well im trying to do
    the same, but its really hard for me cause i work at night so i really dont
    know how to keep a good nutrition since i go to bed when everyone in my
    house is having breakfast and when i wake up there having either lunch or
    dinner, i really dont know what to do, can you please help me?? hope you
    get this message and i hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Love this video. Great advice. I try telling people this all the time,
    women specifically, but they just won’t listen.

  9. Yes, didn’t you watch the video O_O. By eating 800 calories your body is
    fiddling on your muscle for energy. You’re losing muscle, the less muscle
    you have the slower your metabolism. The more muscle you have the more
    calories you burn, you get more out of your workout if you have more
    muscle. You burn more calories 24/7 if you have more muscle. This is not
    about losing weight its about building muscle and burning fat.

  10. joshjesquivel5

    hey scott, i was wondering if it’s ok to workout ALL basic muscles in a
    single day. And i have to admit that i DO copy taylor lautners workout days
    (two days) and then the third for recovery. But in those two days is it ok
    to work ALL of my basic muscles? Arms, Chest, Back, Abs, Shoulders, and
    legs. Thank you, Josh.

  11. fml So Ramadan is the time all Muslims gain more excess fat than usual.
    Blahhhh that’s in less than a month!

  12. hey buff guy, how come your chest is big on some videos and flat like my
    back on others.

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