25 thoughts on “Seriously Hot Yoga”

  1. leilanihanaike

    I would definitely end up hurting myself if I tried these, balance and
    flexibility are not my strong suit.

  2. Dasha Klimanova

    how many times do you have to repeat the exercise and fr how long do you
    have to hold each position?

  3. vampiresiren2 .

    just wondering if you would recomment yoga for someone like me with 2
    prolapsed and torn discs. Im eager to keep my spine supple and straight as
    possible and am wondering it this along with body rocking a good way of
    keeping it that way?

  4. Geraldo Prado Neto

    Nice vid =), next time tie your hair.. will help the exercise and you’ll
    look just as pretty!

  5. That leg breaker technique looked insane. Like there was no joint where the
    knee was supposed to be…

  6. SvetDvouBlondyn

    This particular set of exercises looks very interesting… How often do you
    recommend to do those?

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