25 thoughts on “Sergej Evplov: Ukraine talent show, amazing 7yo kid”

  1. if he had a playsation he wouldnt know how to do this shit… thats why its
    important for kids to have playstation, it keeps them fron becoming weird

  2. soo i have been a dynastic teacher for a couple of years and this amazes
    me, this kid is really strong for his age but i really think that this
    isn’t very good for his arms and shoulders.

    but this is really amazing to see how strong kids can be

  3. u all are talking smack about this 7y old boy, why? BECAUSE YOU or YOUR
    KIDS cant do anything like this 7y old.. dont talk shit about a boy and
    country they are from. that can do things that U cant do. maybe if you get
    your american kids away from the play stations and computer, and get them
    into sports, exercise, and talent and skills maybe they would be more

  4. Oh wow gymnastics my son does the same thing but that for he’s only three
    and he’s stronger then this boy

  5. Venturian Girl Gaming

    I’m about as strong as him; though I’m a girl and I’m 10 years old and he’s
    7. I just can’t do the 1st thing he was doing; stand on the bar with my

  6. Malou Thousig Møller

    1:20 hahaha The boys is like: holy shit O_O and then the (chubby (yeah,
    sorry!)): Holy damn your right o.o

  7. Christopher Walken

    My little cousin does shit like that everyday and he’s 6, kid can pick up
    his 145 pound dad with one arm dude. This isn’t “Amazing” at all.

  8. The performance was very impressive, but does this child have a muscular
    disorder which allows him to perform these feats at such a young age? It
    simply cannot be healthy for him to put so much stress on his still
    developing body.

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