Secret Powerlifting Ab Exercise!

Secret Powerlifting Ab Exercise!

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Squat training footage from MONSTER GARAGE GYM, as members of the Maroscher Powerlifting Team prep for the APF Summer Bash, USAPL Nationals, USAPL Badger Ope…
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42 thoughts on “Secret Powerlifting Ab Exercise!”

  1. Matthew Martin

    i used to be in boyscouts and we did lots of high adventure and extreme
    physical activites including long distance running. so to build up our
    lungs ability we would lay flat on our back on a table or the side of a
    bench and someone would sit on our stomach and we just sat there breathing
    (lifting them up and lowering them with our diaphram)

  2. George, do you cycle your ab training movements every time you’re in the
    gym or are you sticking with the same few exercises all the time? this
    looks to be a super simple and effective movement.

  3. Whats awesome about george leeman is he can keep up with the best of the
    elite class of strongmen/powerlifters. George is dead lifting 950 and
    Zydrunas Savickas is only a little over 100 lbs more. George is the man

  4. George Leeman

    youl need some air in your lungs but not full air, its mostly abs pushing
    id say. im not really the master/creator of this exercise, but regardless
    if you do them you will notice a significant result the next day in terms
    of your ability to brace your back with your abs

  5. Hosh Irandost

    George, you should post your workout routines, i think lot of people would
    benefit from watching 🙂

  6. ONION Macpoptartpants

    im definately not doing this in a public gym…ill do it at home or

  7. No, the most recent one was at the arnold classic 2012 in Columbus, Ohio.
    He holds the world record for 1117 lbs. (I know its a fucked up number but
    that was the weight)

  8. Is this for real? It looks like something that would be uploaded on a gym
    fails compilation

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