Scott Herman- Fitness Reality Show Audition

Scott Herman- Fitness Reality Show Audition

Scott Herman Fitness has so much to offer, let’s continue to work together to help teach the world how to life a healthy lifestyle! Check out…
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  1. Shalini Jyothi

    Many thanks for the movie. Really enjoy Youtube for this kind of information.

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    I personally signed up a few days ago. And the mans emails are fucking excellent…

  2. Bouutchoou Marrshell

    Wow. Wonderful vid.

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  3. Scott you really have i big heart! If it wasn’t for you i would not be in the shape i am today! Thank you 🙂 I remember when i was in th army, and everyone was like “wooo, look at that body” it’s all cause of your advises 🙂 Sryfor bad english, Alexander from Norway

  4. dominic cross

    come on were living in the 21st century u shouldnt judge people like tat MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUALS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Katarina Kalina

    @vkxmhen you are correct. It was my sad days when i used to work out hard for hours and not getting muscles at all. Listen to this I know why people are rushin to watch this video that definitely make you stronger with shaped muscles. lucky i could find this video =>

  6. yuvneet matta

    @faaxknl sure is right. it was really hard when I first started working out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. And I must say I credit all of the 30 pounds of ripped mass I have put on since 1 video series it changed my life. lucky i could find this video =>

  7. I watch you every time i need new ideas to workout. 2 months ago i was calipered at 14% BF. I want to get down to 10% by this September. I have been doing H.I.I.T cardio, and weight training for 2 months every other day and control my nutrition. I am starting to see results! Thanks for posting your videos they really help.

  8. You should be on TV! WTF! Think about how many more lives will change if you got on TV! This what should be on vs The FuCk’n Jersey Shore. WOW The thing people watch…

  9. Hello Scott I’m one of your hermanites around the U.S. I have seen almost all your videos. All of them are great! but i think this is the best one 😉

  10. Pratish Tiwari

    scot i have trouble training for biceps……cant lift heavy weights…my muscles tend to fatigue very early…pls suggest the way out….

  11. i started working out at age 11 but i was not weight training. i was mainly doing diffrent types of push ups working different areas. I had a six pack by age 12 lol, but i waited till i was 14 before starting to lift weights and hit the gym almost everyday. i am six foot and have been exercising pretty hard,

  12. Morgan Freeman

    i don’t even care that that chick is as big as scott himself, she is HOTT! 

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