Scivation Summer Cut Contest – Shortcut to Shred Day 4 – Chest Triceps and Abs

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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout: Level 2 (30 Day Rental)

Rent this for 30 Days! Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout Level 2 is an explosive, interval training workout that combines strength, cardio, ab exercises …
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25 thoughts on “Scivation Summer Cut Contest – Shortcut to Shred Day 4 – Chest Triceps and Abs”


  2. Don’t ask people to pay for a video that barely works. The point of the
    workout is to not stop, yet the video has so many loading issues, its
    insane! No, there is nothing wrong with my laptop or internet connection.
    It is the video.

  3. I bought it 4 days ago and it keeps stopping part way in too. Sometimes a
    refresh works but other times it won’t go forward or back, even if you open
    a completely different browser and reload it. Incredibly frustrating!

  4. This has helped me tremendously mixed with mike Chang’s workouts. I would
    highly suggest doing Jillian’s workouts part of the week and Mike Chang’s
    Strength training the other part of the week. Low calorie diets don’t work
    that well for me. If you’re having trouble on low calorie diets try
    focusing on cutting out Carbs instead. I lost 20 pounds cutting out carbs
    for 2 weeks. I’m Still trying to get a six pack, but I think I have a while
    to go. 

  5. Go and google Fat Blast Furnace and you’ll discover why some foods
    ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  6. If you just reload it when it stops (the error page) and starts right back
    up. I usually have to do that twice and I just use the pause for a water

  7. I just paid $1.99 to rent this and it says “An error occurred please try
    again later”…..can I get my money back? 

  8. When it acts up, just refresh. I usually jog in place or something to keep
    my heart rate up while waiting. Usually only takes a few seconds. Also, not
    putting it on full screen helps, tedious but worth it.

  9. This sucks 🙁 This video keeps freezing…..I know it’s not my internet
    because I have the fastest package offered……

  10. I bought this around a week ago and so far out of all the days, the video
    has worked properly only twice. It’s not my internet connection. Some
    days the screen is black, some days it’s already halfway through the video
    (even though I didn’t end it there) and then it won’t go forward or back.
    What a waste of money!! I had to buy the DVD anyway just to complete the
    program. Must be a good way to suck people in and then get them to buy the
    DVD anyway. Don’t waste your money!

  11. i can’t find the 3rd level – does that mean i can’t keep going with the 30
    day shred?? 🙁 

  12. So they suck because you can’t steal it?!? Nice entitled attitude. You, my
    dear, are a prime example of what is wrong with the world today.

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