School of Champions – Weightlifting 2015 | Bulgarian Training Documentary

Ivanov c&j’s 175kgs, Tanev clean and jerks 205, Gardev snatches 170, Boevski back squats 250. More: Best known for performing the most heavy Clean … Ivanov cj’s 175kgs, Tanev clean and…
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25 thoughts on “School of Champions – Weightlifting 2015 | Bulgarian Training Documentary”

  1. Goddamn, imagine allllllll the cotton he could pick. That there be a 5,000
    dollar negro, mmmhmm.

  2. MasterElimination

    Weell, it doesn’t matter if a car falls on ronnie, he’ll just do some leg
    presses with it.

  3. Damn! He was a cop, man! With such strenght he could have pushed cars with
    his legs like a superhero. Or throw a kick to a guy trying to run from him
    and the guy passes out or even die. *ehehehehehe*

  4. John Pinkerton

    Even before he started juicing, guy was already bigger than most pro
    bodybuilders. Crazy.

  5. Fernando Murga

    I´m sorry for my English, I´m not native but damn guys what is wrong with
    you ? , who cares if Coleman is on Steroids or not, even if he is
    aesthetic or not , he trains like a beast , he eats like a beast , he is a
    beast but I bet many of you haters will never lift that weight with or
    without roids , you think if you start training and suddenly you´re on
    steroids you are going to be like him ? , it takes time and dedication to
    look how you wanna look , think outside the box , anyone can do what they
    want with their body , if you don´t like the way he trains , the way he
    looks then what the hell are you doing watching this video ?, meanwhile
    you are hating bodybuilders are training, I´m not even close to lift that
    weight, I´m not even close to be a bodybuilder but I know how to show some
    respect for a Mr Olympia which you guys will never be, with all due respect
    fuck you haters, racist people, if you guys train you know that´s really a
    heavy ass weight if you don´t go fool around. 

  6. The funniest comments I see are when people try to complain about how deep
    he’s going, well as you can CLEARLY see he’s going as deep as he can. His
    legs are touching is fucking chest. The man has legs that are each bigger
    than your waist and he’s won Mr. O like 8 times. So I’d like to think he
    knows what he is doing.

  7. Christopher Imler

    Ronnie Coleman is a boss, but his little quip about “natural strength” had
    me in stitches, Dude you’re awesome. No one can take that away from you, so
    why not own up to using anabolics?

  8. This is the best comment ever but was too dwon the comments, so here it is,
    but it isn’t mine: “Legend says that leg day used to try to skip Ronnie”

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