Russian Kings: A Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting Compilation

A compilation of some of the elite modern Russian strength athletes and their training/competition clips. All lifts featured were performed raw. Music: “No O…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 this video details the first few drills and progressions I teach in learning the olympic lifts, beginning with the snatch.

40 thoughts on “Russian Kings: A Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting Compilation”

  1. Anferni Kriksus

    Wow, who is that lifter that benches 220kg(485lbs) for 6 reps @
    100kg(220lbs)?? Sick.

  2. the 3 russian kings at the beginnig. KK = Deadlift-King // Andrey =
    Squat-King // Kirill = Bench-King

  3. Мацюпурдик Метандиенонович

    Пацанам с Дочи привет !

  4. matthew foster

    can you help me on my technique on my videos for snatch??? please and thank

  5. OMG someone teach that black guy to use a kettlebell safely before he
    injuries himself or someone else!

  6. Great cues about showing your armpits to the world and pulling the bar
    apart. It made me more confident descending into the hole.

  7. Matt Wichlinski

    @bootcampstrong1 this video was filmed in the oldest gym in Warsaw, Poland,
    I have no control over that. The females there don’t seem to mind. Have
    some respect for the gyms of old. I saw your channel. You have a lot of
    views on your videos, one was up to 7 hits after only 2 weeks!! Why don’t
    you focus on the content of the video, not the paint and posters, you might
    learn something, instead of yelling and screaming at your clients and
    stealing their money with horrible training.

  8. What are he biggest differences between a push press from the rack position
    and a push press from the back squat position?

  9. who the f**k is bootcampstrong1……………..All the gear no idea!!!
    Keep the vids coming Matt, always good to follow and v informative!!

  10. awesome video, i just noticed the dark guy with the kettle bell, he had
    very good form hahaha….. but again great video very good instructions

  11. Matt Wichlinski

    @jrd3190 oly shoes will help depth is ankle flexibility is the cause. Back
    squats cause a more bent over torso, whereas front squats and overhead
    squats allow a more upright position. Keep working flexibility in your
    ankles knees hips and back and it should help a bit. Without seeing your
    personal issue with my own eyes, its hard to prescribe something as a
    definitive fix.

  12. have you got any tips on improving depth with squats? I find that front
    squats the depth isn’t really an issue even when approaching 1rm, but with
    bar on my back or overhead it’s far more difficult to get anywhere near the
    same depth…

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