rocket mass heater build and burn

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “rocket mass heater build and burn”

  1. Marc Lindhout, D.C.

    Thanks Paul, I have made a small rocket stove with 1 gallon paint can, 2 –
    1 quart cans, and a mixture of cat litter and plaster of paris. The first
    burn ran for about 1/2 hour and the entire unit continued to radiate heat
    for 2-3 hours. How well did your wooden bench and mass within, radiate the
    heat? Not sure my wife wants me to build a cob sofa quite yet at our
    cottage, but is open to a scaled up version of rocket to heat it.

  2. I think you would benefit from placing an air inlet off of the side of the
    burn chamber that draws air from the outside so you are not drawing the
    warm air from the room you are trying to heat.

  3. My vision: water instead of sand. Everything would have to be water tight,
    but the benefits are that it could be used as a water heater and also when
    you transport it to places with a water source then you don’t need to bring
    the sand and that would make it drastically lighter.

  4. Survival-Deutschland

    i am sure you have answerd this kind of questions a 100 times but how do
    you clean the oven and all the pieps and how often do you have to do that`?
    when you close everything how do you have acces`? i am damn impresst of
    your work`!! it just does not fit in my brain yet^^ best wishes from
    germany Stefan

  5. you need a biger barrel drum your smoke outlet that goes out of the barrel
    drum needs to be on a bit of a higher level than the fire its above it now
    but the higher it is the better later down the line from what i know the
    exsost gases cools down so the longer the pipe the better i dont know if
    you wanna heat a room or you wanna make a stove but a the end of the chimny
    pipe tou used i guess the gases are quite cool so you want a pice of iron
    pipe taller than the barell drum you are useing

  6. and thats 90 precent efficien in a home as a heater because you have no hot
    gases going out the chimny oh yeah the cooler the gases get the thiner the
    pipe you need because the air becomes heavyer

  7. I have been using cat litter (100% clay) in a small steal barrel setup i
    have outside and it seems to work very well insulating the burn tube and
    chimney as well as holding the heat after the burn. Nice work Paul,
    enjoying your videos.

  8. One thing that I haven’t heard anyone address, is it looks like you have to
    constantly be there to feed the fire,,,, like you cant go away for a few
    hours without it goin out on you,, and how about cleaning out the ash

  9. i didn’t hear you address the efficacy of the sand v cobb . Further, I
    would think a liquid would store/release heat best. Ever been to the beach?
    The water stays about the same temp, the sand gets blazing hot then cold at
    night. Some kind of high-temp silicone, maybe? Might be too expensive, but
    i’d think it would hold/radiate heat very well. I’ll look into it a bit.

  10. I’ve put up a few more videos to help explain. But these videos are used to
    demonstrate the article (see description) – where there is an animated gif
    that really ties it together.

  11. Kali4nication84

    I keep finding tons of awesome videos from this site, but I have a hard
    time finding them on the website. Maybe we could barter for web design. We
    have everything on the farm. . .

  12. @Icabad I have more footage – I’ll try to get more footage up. Outside of
    that, the best place to ask is on permies – the experts are there.

  13. How did you overcome the smoke back and insufficient draw issues?. I have
    the same problems using a 1 metre double skin s/steel riser and a 47k gas
    bottle for a barrel (with the bottom cut off) clearance inside top was 2″.
    Without the barrel on the draw is amazing!!? all 6″ pipe

  14. Hey. Ok, so I understand the concept. The only thing that is not obvious to
    me is the ashes. where do you clean them out? Or where do they go (if you
    dont have to clean them out)?

  15. @spystyle there are some really old plans at permies. But most of it was
    just in my head as I was making stuff up. And it is covered in my podcast

  16. @flex2125 hahaha! what an ass hat you are!!!!! man ask and find out before
    you make dumb assumptions, this people will tell you what you want to know
    and not on of them will assume and talk “shit” to you, I on the other hand

  17. @muddymuddymuddmann I totally trust all the guys up in Oregon that doe
    these heaters fully they have put in so much time in the development of
    this technology that there is rarely mistakes or not working heaters. How
    goes your wind gens? i haven’t seen any new one from you lately.

  18. Charlie Scoville

    For a thermal mass. Water more or less has the highest specific heat
    capacity (heat storage by weight/mass) of any substance known to man. And
    If you calculate in phase change (creating steam) you can store even more
    heat. Be aware though that this new factor is heat storage is based on
    volumetric heat capacity. (heat storage by space taken up). But…. potato
    potato really. Good video.

  19. I was thinking how would it go with caster wheels on the box base to make
    it mobile???? Thats what I’m going to do.. top vid boys. I’d turn the Box
    Base into the lounge?? as well. why not it should hold some kind of heat.

  20. Could say many things but suffice to say…Thanks for what you do man.
    I’ve subd/followed/commented for several months now and always look forward
    to your input. Your approach to strength (not just physical) should be
    seen a lot more than it is. Just thanks =-)

  21. Maybe he means Volume instead of Velocity, because velocity and speed make
    no sense since they’re the same thing. Weight training type muscles are big
    and puffy, and endurance muscles are small and dense, so it would make more

  22. So maybe Elliot knows more about muscle fibers than science and medicine
    does ? Really ? You truly lost me there.

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  25. you didn’t exactly explain why oxidation is so important. In chemistry,
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  27. In the sense of physics, speed and velocity is the same. Believe me, I
    studied that shit. 😉

  28. there’s definitely some underlying in your life causing it, but something
    that can help the tension in your neck is adding shrugs to your routine.
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  29. i got big muscle,lean and strong. the other day i was gyming with a mate
    and i couldn’t lift shit i was so piss off at my self cz now my mate think
    i got fake muscle. but that because i only had 3 hours of sleeping the
    night b4

  30. hey elliot I have a question: how come pro bodybuilders don’t do type 3
    then? Seems a lil too good to be true. The only reason bodybuilders want
    slow twitch muscle fibers is because the size is bigger. Type 3 is a hybrid
    so why wouldn’t they do that? Sounds like bullshit to me.

  31. 😀 Good to know there are different definitions in different areas!
    Actually the velocity (in the physical sense) would depend on a) the
    velocity in the musical sense and b) the frequency, i.e. the tone or pitch
    of the sound (musically I’m probably inaccurate with the terms here). So,
    you’re absolutely right, the musical definition is different from the
    physical one! Good to know! 🙂

  32. what is the difference between a muscle’s velocity and its speed? Velocity
    is speed with a direction…

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  34. In the sense of physics speed is the raw speed of something where as
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