Rob Riches’ abdominal workout routine

Rob Riches goes to an Los Angeles gym and does a series of abdominal exercises for Prozis fans to learn from. Check out our online store: Prozis Internationa…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Rob Riches’ abdominal workout routine”

  1. Everyone asking how many reps you should do, you should do it till you cant
    no rest and do another set. how many this is depends on the person

  2. Great workout routine! You put together simple and easy exercises that
    range all muscles around the belly! Exactly what I needed!

  3. How many sets of each should be Ideal if you have been doing sports all you
    life but don’t have toned abs like you?

  4. do you have to do 15 to 30 in each exercise or u have to do 3 sets of 15 to
    30 in each exercise ??

  5. Everyone asking how many reps you should do, you should do it till you cant
    no rest and do another set. how many this is depends on the person

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  11. I know this guy does Yoga, He just don’t want to tell us because it’s not
    “tough”, but there is really nothing wrong with Yoga you will be able to do
    more exercises.. Yoga gets your body in beast mode for extreme workouts

  12. will try this tomorrow, now i just have done bicep/tricep workout and im
    simply finished lol, greetings from chile :DD

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  14. OfficialBarstarzz

    You do not need to do sideway abdominal exercises to get nicely sculptured
    obliques or strong ones.

  15. OfficialBarstarzz

    You are able to use a flat surface as well. Just look for something you can
    grip overhand that will stop you from moving to much, some of the exercise
    you can do with just your hands at your side pressed against the floor or
    under your bottom.

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