Road To 1500 (3 Year Powerlifting Progress)

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25 thoughts on “Road To 1500 (3 Year Powerlifting Progress)”

  1. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the motherfucking EyeBROws of truth and

    Great job, strong progress is STRONG.

  2. Dear Jonnie. I want to express my love for you right now. I started your 6
    week program around 7 weeks ago and my strength has gone through the
    freaking roof! I’m 16, repping 275 on bench, squatting 365 for reps, and
    deadlifting 430 for reps. I have recommended this program to everyone. But
    I have 1 question. I made such quick progress that I updated my maxes every
    week because the working weight was too light. It worked well, but should I
    have done it and continue to do it?

    Many thanks bro.

  3. Them feels when I didn’t know what power lifting was until I was 27 years
    old. Making up for lost time though, and this video inspires the shit out
    of me. Luckily I was making vids before my first meet, ago plan on seeing
    one of these from me in three years or so, and keep up the hard work
    Candito. Also, just added Candito into my phone’s dictionary.

  4. Your deadlifts and squats increased by quite much in those years but your
    bench is kinda lagging behind(no offence of course,your much stronger than
    me).Anything you gunna do to bring up dat dere bench press?

  5. Man, Jonnie… You are a role model. You may not be to some as inspiring as
    some other youtuber such as Elliot Hulse because you don’t go as much
    through inner motivation and struggles, through other thing (that i dunno
    how to name in english lol) but you are one hell of a coach.
    1. You have many video to get the good form on the lift.
    2. You are always very calm, down to earth and you share your feeling about
    your progress, which helps us understand the athlete you are, and therefore
    it helps your followers to understand themselves since many will go through
    the same thing.
    3. Even if the community is still growing, you are responding to A TON of
    message and comment. You understand how valuable your advice is to us,
    which makes it even more valuable.
    4. Eyebrows, it says it all by himself.
    5. You do what you preach and it pays off; consistency , attitude and good
    6. You also have a good sense of humour and you know when to use it+ you
    don’t overly use the sarcasm.
    7. You are promoting BOTH gender powerlifting and making the community grow.
    You are Jonnie Candito
    We loves you
    Keep making good vids
    Keep making progress
    And stay who you are.

  6. Damn, great progress, strong lifts, especially at 83 kg. My total is 535 kg
    now, I’m going to see if I can get to 655 kg in less than 3 years!

  7. I competed at raw nationals in the teen 3 83kg and it was my 2nd raw meet
    ever I was actually on the same platform as you just the other flight. I
    totaled 1349 and I was disappointed, but seeing your progress over the
    years in this video motivates me so much. You’re an inspiration to so many
    people including myself man! 

  8. Extremely motivating, keep it up! I’m hoping to meet you at USAPL raw
    nationals next year (if I get strong enough to compete)

  9. those fails inspired me the most, showing that even candito is human and
    goes through ups and downs. keep up the great work jonnie!

  10. Ranking in the top three at Worlds, and still responds to fans and cares
    about the fan base. Solid dude with solid lifts

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