Ripped Body Cardio Workout

How skinny guys can build muscles and get a ripped body fast: Say guys, how you doing out there? It’s Mike Chang and I hope everyone is doing well on this…

25 thoughts on “Ripped Body Cardio Workout”

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  4. Great workout Mike; I did a couple of the exercises (will make sure to do
    the whole routine in the near future; it’s evening here; don’t want to tick
    off the people below, lol); this is great stuff; thanks for helping us to
    get into shape; you’re doing a great service!

  5. I like How Mike video Himself so even people who are alone can follow or
    feel like they are exercising together 🙂

  6. If u are feeling ur calves when u are doing this routine, then they sure
    will… If not, just do some exercices focusing on your calves, it’s fast.

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