Rihanna Abs Workout

In today’s episode, XHIT expert trainer Rebecca-Louise will make your abs shine bright like a diamond. If you’ve been wondering how to get a six pack, look n…

Chest + Abs MEGA workout “No music version” P4P Web portal: www.passion4profession.net iTunes: http://smarturl.it/abs_ios?IQid=yt.en Play Store: http://goo.g…

50 thoughts on “Rihanna Abs Workout”

  1. Rachel Baldwin

    i literally can’t do the activated plank thing at all…i guess i’ll get
    there if i keep practicing, though!

  2. if I do this workout every day (and some more of your workouts) for 1 week
    will I have the start of abs?

  3. muffycrosswire

    you cant spot reduce fat. you have to exercise your entire body and eat
    right to see results. just doing crunches wont work no matter how many you

  4. Andżelika Zięba

    Lov you! I do this almost month and I fell how much my stomach changed.

  5. sparkledarling xo

    oh my god this really worked me out, I love workouts like these that feel
    like enough 🙂 thanks

  6. Rachelle Leduc

    This workout is awesome! I am trying to get abs for volleyball and to lose
    a little bit of the fat on my stomach and this feels like its helping

  7. Suraiyah Mohammed

    your workoutzz are amazzzin, dey short, dey burn, and u nevr get bored of
    them 🙂 kee it up!

  8. I’m only 14 , but I really want the sox pack body! I’m already slim and
    well shaped , but your workout really helped to me rain my abs :)

  9. Nguyễn Hồ Ngọc Diệp

    Omg my neck is hurt. My brother said i have to use my abs but i dont know
    how. And after exercise I dont feel any burn at my abs. I have flat abs and
    how to lose fat at my stomach. 

  10. Should i do this if i am a little skinny? I mean i don’t eat very much and
    i have 125.4 pounds [ 57 kilograms] and 5.80 feet long [ 1.77 meters].Will
    i see the results in one and a half-two months?

  11. Zakariya Azami

    I followed this workout for two months and finally I can see the results.
    I am much better in doing these workouts than before and I have lost weight

  12. Is it necessary to do this daily for starter cause i already get pain in my
    arm and chest and if i do this everyday will i be safe? or should i
    alternate or do it every week?

  13. Romans Zodziks

    Very difficult, but in to weeks i have to make ALL!
    How do you think is it better to make every day or have a rest some days?

  14. Dang my chest and arms are killing me! Would it work to substitute the
    bench in one of the chest exercises for an exercise ball?

  15. How long will it take to see results I’m 5’4 and weight 126 do I need to
    lose weight ?

  16. I have been doing this for almost 2 months. The result was excellent!!!. I
    am now doing it more slowly… Result, I could finish half of it.

  17. Guys I’m start doing this workout so I can get in shape to go to MMA
    again,I had a surgery and I had to quit for like 4 months,I’m 15 years old
    how much times should I do this workout a week?

  18. Please show me a real man doing it from the beginning till the end. I want
    to see that beast. 😉 

  19. Mathew James Ocibup

    How many times in a week should I do this routine exercise sir for a

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    google Fat Blast Factor to find out.

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