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Meet Corey, one of Right At School’s amazing fitness and wellness instructors. In this fun children’s exercise video, part of Right At School’s Daily Olympics Series, Corey helps our kids master functional fitness techniques while “preparing” for Tai Kwon Do. This is just one of the many exercise routines used in Right At School’s before and after school programs. For more information on how to bring Right At School to your elementary school, please visit www.rightatschool.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Here are demonstration segments of some “brain-based” movements in “Catch A Brain Wave,” a guided-movement fitness workout from the multi-award-winning Catch A Brain Wave Fitness Fun CD, by RONNO and Liz Jones-Twomey. For more information, and to purchase, visit: ronnosong.com Check out the website! RonnoSong.com

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  1. Mrs. J.T: I like your brain gym song because I like “Catch the brain wave” and “Do the dragon”. And one more thing, I like you and Ronno. And I want to be in your video…..bye Mrs. J.T.
    Miguel Montoya

  2. Coolguy360100

    Hi mrs j.t my favourite thing to do the hook up at my desk i wish i could saw Ronno in real live this on of my favourite song but im on my brothers youtube acount From Tanzeel To miss jt

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