Review of my First Powerlifting Meet

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Golden One Powerlifting Meet

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50 thoughts on “Review of my First Powerlifting Meet”

  1. Your deadlift is abysmal when juxtaposed to your other lifts. How the hell
    can you bench 305 and squat 465 but not even break 475 off the floor? Those
    lifts are miles beyond a 475 pull. Nonetheless, a decent first meet.

  2. I remember my first meet, bench was hella squishy and I wasn’t tight at all
    on my first attempt. Still got it but only because I went with a safe
    weight. And there were no rings on the bar! I couldn’t even tell where
    exactly I was putting my hands. That type of shit does fuck you up in your
    first meet, but you get used to it once you know what to prepare for. 

  3. Anders Skålvik

    Mr.Aesthetics doesn’t have what it takes to powerlift.
    bodybuilding and powerlifting are two different things.
    compare it to handball and football.

  4. Thanks for this video! It helped me learn a lot, my first meet is October
    25th and this has really put my mind at ease. Keep up the hard work bro!! 

  5. Im starting to get into pl as well. I was hoping to do the 181 weight
    class. Good stuff broski

  6. Excuses excuses? I suppose yous have all done a meet and have a total over

  7. The bench was too squishy… the room was too hot…. your tampon wasn’t
    fitting very well. Just shut the fuck up already. Excuses excuses. 

  8. do people actually watch this wannabe’s garbage lol? This is a great
    example of the type of bodybuilder that everyone in the bodybuilding world
    would hate. I actually tried watching this video, but by 5 minutes in i
    realized i wasn’t even paying attention because it was so unengaging.

  9. JapanischErfahren - einfach online Japanisch lernen

    Oh wow, that 170 bench was close. I wonder how the judges were brave enough
    to redlight you that, considering your sickening face paint!

  10. Awesome lifting. I saw some elbow flexion on that 252.5kg pull, careful you
    don’t rip a bicep tendon!

  11. Latsbrah how many inches is your waist? I’ve heard that having a heavy
    deadlift and squat would bring your waist size up.

  12. The Allfather blessed you for being a faithful servant in the holiest of
    iron temples. Fucking joocy bro. =D Do you wear AdiPower shoes?

    – bill

  13. Jason BlaBlaBlaha

    230kg? Seems like not so long ago your max on squat was a bit over 200kg.
    Damn that progressed fast.

  14. your brother in arms with the truly compelling facial hairs seemed to make
    quite an impressive total ! 

  15. Colonel Sanders

    Really impressive lifts.
    However I noticed you’re not keeping your arms straight all the time during
    the dead-lift (especially at 6:00). I wouldn’t want you to rip a Bicep :D

  16. That was glorious as fuck man! Getting close to your max in deadlift and
    squat will be my new goals for this coming year. How tall are you by the

  17. Tyckte väl att jag kände igen gymmet och spotterserna! Täby AK, där kör
    jag. fan man kanske skulle gått o kollat om jag visste att the golden one
    var där

  18. Jättestark bro! Are you planning to continue competing in powerlifting in
    the future, Golden One?

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