Rep Range Which Is Best to Build Muscle & Strength

Rep Range Which Is Best to Build Muscle & Strength

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CABIN FEVER: Total Body Exercises to BUILD MUSCLE with NO EQUIPMENT | Tony Horton Fitness

All snow and no play makes Tony a dull boy. Time for a CABIN FEVER WORKOUT! If you haven’t done so already… SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel HERE ▷ http://g…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Rep Range Which Is Best to Build Muscle & Strength”

  1. Guys! ! Did you ever tried the Explosive Muscle Method (just google it)? My
    buddy says it gets people ripped fast(:

  2. Kathleen Brennan

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  3. What ever happened to the Twinmuscleworkout spoof contest?… But it’s just
    a question, right? ..YOU DONT HAVE TO ANSWER IT…Dont get all BUTT HURT if
    it doesn’t compare to Jimmy’s questions, cuz at the end of the

  4. blackrottenhollow666

    Don’t get all butt hurt if y’all ain’t making gains I’ve been getting
    pissed off cuz I only gained an inch on my arms, I feel scrawny as shit and
    I’ve been working out for a year NEVER GIVE UP BITCHES that is all

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    website you will find a smart free video featuring how you can start
    building noticeable muscle very fast. It made it easier for Ryan to break
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  7. a video on stronglifts/starting strength would be great. I did 3 weeks of
    squatting 5×5 3 times a week adding 2.5kg a workout as stronglifts
    instructed me. Snaped some shit up, now im a marathon runner who
    (temporarily i hope) cant fuckin run, people must be told!

  8. Soreness is not a indicator of growth. You squat big weights= big legs 5
    reps for 3 sets is sufficient. Look at Starting Strength

  9. Offended Badly then Unsubscribed

    at first, thought tony had a can of skoal in his pocket. youre not supposed
    to do those kind of dips.

  10. Shaolin Schlag

    Beautiful home. You really can workout anywhere. Calisthenics are amazing:
    your body is weight, so use it. That handstand prep move looks effective,
    so I’m going to try it to improve my handstand. I saw a video of you and
    Dreya doing that in the making of P90X. It’s so amazing that it’s been a
    decade since it came out, and you guys were preparing it in early 2003. I
    was in 1st grade! I always remember my parents doing Power 90, Power Half
    Hour, and P90X when I was younger, and now I’m 17 and I’m using all of
    these great DVDs and YouTube videos to workout and improve every day.
    Thanks, Tony. You’re an inspiration to millions.

  11. What a privilege to get more tips! You inspire thousands of people. Now
    THAT is powerful.

  12. Screamin Mime

    … or you could just get out there and shovel some snow, go cross country
    ski for cardio?

  13. After a minor surgery on an umbilical hernia I had from giving birth I was
    told no extreme exercise for 4 weeks. I was sad. I could not do P90X2. But
    this video made me think of three days after my surgery I was going up and
    down my steps. Just to get some cardio in. That was allowed. I refused to
    turn to a ball of mush for 4 weeks. I completed X2 and currently am
    doing X3. YOU INSPIRE ME Tony. THANK YOU for being real! 

  14. Regular dips between chairs or even surfaces, pistol squats (assisted if
    balance is needed) handstand pushups or pike press if you can’t do one,
    sissy squats, glute hamstring raises, single leg hamstring curls on
    slippery surface,sissy squats, inverted rows, inverted row bicep curls,
    body weight triceps extensions, body weight chest flies on a hardwood floor
    or slick surface using towels. Just in case you don’t want to do jon squats

  15. James Terrell

    You have lost a lot of mass since P90X Tony, but still in great physical
    condition staying physically fit as you grow older!

  16. Hey tony what shoes are u wearing and what shoes do u wear for running and

  17. Katherine Agudelo

    want to get even more subscriptions? pls do a vid concerning diastasis
    recti. I have had three pregnancies and now my abs are separated and i
    know a whole community of women that are looking for a solution. I have
    spent money on fruitless, tedious and monotonous techniques that did not
    work (tupler technique was such a scam) I would love to know what a real
    expert would have to say on this.
    ps. i do the plyo workout from the px90 and i love it. its made me
    stronger. thanks for all you do!

  18. Hey Tony…it’s your pal Lori from Canada. 🙂 Love this channel and all the
    videos. Thanks for sharing how to get started with handstands. Doing a
    handstand again is one of my goals before I turn 50 next year! I remember I
    brought your “original” pushups stands to camp in 2006 and you showed a
    couple of us something new you were learning …. “handstands using the
    push up stands”. Fun! 

  19. “All work and no play make Tony Horton something something….”, “Go
    X-treme?”, “Don’t mind if I DO!!!” – My ode to the Simpsons Shining
    parody!! Go Tony!!!!

  20. Tiffany Leiter

    Thanks Tony! Now I know how to do the perfect squat. Who knew I was doing
    one or two perfect ones ever day! 😀 

  21. This actually scared me a bit, Tony; I still have nightmares of The
    Shining. But I’m glad you gave me some rock-solid tips….to take with me
    on the cruise! :)

  22. That workout reminds me of that One on One video you did from the ski lodge
    in the Sierras a few years back. Remember you used Mason’s snowboard boots
    as pushup stands!;) I gotta try that handstand prep move, thanks Tony!

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