28 thoughts on “ReFit Dance Fitness “Chocolate” Cardio Workout!”

  1. Tiffany Gutierrez

    I love watching you ladies, you have great choreo and great sense of humor, I was soo bummed when you gals stopped posting vids for a bit but another instructor told me you were back with a new name. Btw, I’ve been using Unete in each new class that I start and people always love it, so thank you!!—With Love from CA

  2. You guys are fantastic! Hey you in the front – Own it! Your awesome, don’t be shy. Its nice to see you guys shake up who is in the front row in your videos. We all move differently and that is what makes each of us beautiful! Cheers from Hope Ontario, Canada

  3. yaneth88morales


  4. I think I just burned a bunch of calories just doing this and some of your other dances over and over again. I’m beat.

  5. Nice!! We eat chocolate, we drink chocolate, we sing chocolate and now we dance Chocolate!! That’s a chocolate affect!!

  6. skylark zaheed

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  8. zumbabeth7809

    This routine is AWESOME! I had to download this song and start dancing along. Do you care if I use this in my class?

  9. skylark zaheed

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  10. My classes love this song! I found it on your videos! I used parts of your choreo for inspiration. All of your choreo is great too! Thanks for posting!! 🙂 Zumba Love!

  11. Oh my goodness! Love this song and your choreography! Girls, you are so very talented! You never cease to amaze me. I just want to thank the Lord for you!

  12. Are you guys ZJs? Would love to get in on a jam session… Or host one if my facility will let me!!

  13. skylark zaheed

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  14. NephilimAxiom

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