Ramadan: Tips To Help Build Muscle Or Maintain it While Fasting…

Have tons of muslim friends wondering what is the best way to maintain or build muscle while fastiing. it’s gonna be harder, but definitely not impossible. C…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Ramadan: Tips To Help Build Muscle Or Maintain it While Fasting…”

  1. SkillFullTurk585

    during ramazan, its best to maintain , youre gonna feel like shit during
    workouts, and probably wont even get a pump but as long as you workout you
    will maintain. i took the whole month off 2 years ago and lost everything
    and took me 2 years to get it back….

  2. Masoud Houssein Hassan

    You are lucky you can train after iftar. My gym is closed so i’m forced to
    train fasted before iftar which is extremely hard on my body and my
    bodytype but it’s the only way to get my training in.

  3. AverageAesthetics

    Please do a video for those who work physical labor. I can’t eat enough to
    make gains, but when I super-compensate I make gains but with sufficient fat

  4. Thanks for taking your time to help and advise use Muslims. I was very
    surprised when you said that 90% of your family from

  5. Inshallah, muslims are not supposed to eat alot when breaking our fast. We
    are supposed to eat the meal of a poor man. Good vids also.

  6. Abdrhman AbdulQader Ali

    U. Alwayz said train ur mind like u train u body. I Know u are the kind of
    people who likes reading try reading holy quran then make video about it .
    Hope u do it.

  7. I train outside on bars anyway stay strong inshallah its only 11 days then
    we can train normal again:)

  8. its hard as fuck right know we have afternoon and 40°grad celsius….I stay
    at home till iftar then go outside and train on bars like the
    barstarrzz..in my opinion its verrrry hard to gain muscle but you can
    mantain or little shredd like I do in this time …salute

  9. My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “Max
    Muscle Booster”, but then they saw the results. Do a search on Google for
    Max Muscle Booster to see their reaction.

  10. Great video bro! And now that you say yo family is MUSLIM … I GOT HELLA

  11. I’m depressed as fuck…..God if your out there, could you please respond
    with a thumbs up or a like to my comment? I need to know you exist!?

  12. some can workout everyday some cant
    its like that
    but you should really start slower than you really could go otherwise you
    might injure yaself

  13. What if your a beginner and say your only doing 10 mins a day could I still
    do that same muscle group the next day for 10 then not do it for 4 days?
    It’s kind discouraging for someone who is starting out to think of rest
    because it’s what we are trying to stop doing so much of lol

  14. Damn , I thought I wasn’t aching because I was getting stronger! lolol.
    Thanks for the advice guys.

  15. Dragan Ranisavljevic

    Hello:) Have you tried the Explosive Muscle Method (just google it)? My dad
    says it gets people ripped fast…

  16. now whenever my dad tries to wake me up too early ima say “SHUTUP!!!, im
    tryna make me some gainzzzzzzz”

  17. im going to try this method. is it ok on rest days to work out abs? i work
    out mon-sat monday-chest,shoulders triceps Teusday- biceps,back. legs
    wednesday-abs Thursday-Rest Friday-Chest, triceps and shoulders
    Saterday-biceps, back legs Am i over training? i can tottaly relate when he
    said about the muscle not being sore becuase its probably not finished
    recovering. I have been working out for two years 54kg to 66kg my goal is
    75kg. but havnt been seeing great results in a while

  18. Adinda Maharani

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    website you will find a smart free video featuring the right way to build
    up visible muscles quickly. It made it possible for James to overcome his
    muscle development stagnation and thus pack on toned lean muscle free of
    fat very quickly. Hopefully it will help you also…

  19. If you are looking to bulk up, you should search Google for “MAD Ripped
    Muscle”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  20. Ram Kumari Chaudhary

    Hey guys! Anyone thought about the Explosive Muscle Method (just google
    it)? My mate says it gets people to increase in strength…

  21. Austin Sungenis

    thanks guys. I didn’t realize that not being sore after a workout is
    actually a bad sign, that I did not wait long enough to workout those same
    muscle groups. I hear all the time that 48 hours is enough but i guess it
    depends on the person.

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