Quick weight loss exercises used with HCG diet meal plan

http://www.starvalleyholistichealth.com Quick weight loss exercises used with HCG drops, the HCG diet meal plan and HCG diet food list may be the perfect com…

20 min. Weight Loss HIIT Running Workout Routine

Lose 20 pounds in 1 month with this other running workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_x9rLQZ4h4 This 20 minute running workout you can do at home is l…
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26 thoughts on “Quick weight loss exercises used with HCG diet meal plan”

  1. Don’t mind her I love your talking it helps people to push harder. You are
    like my motivational speech Audio don’t even have to listen to my own music
    because the dawn air buds keep falling out my ears. If you don’t like his
    talking lady just put in your air buds maybe yours wouldn’t fall out lol

  2. Oh my goodness, I thought this was going to be a mix of cardio, but it was
    just running back and forth. Happy to say I conquered this!!! I’m not much
    of a runner, but I am definitely incorporating this to my abs and legs
    workout (:

  3. Love your video and love the music but damn dude you talk too damn much and
    I hate when you keep saying about how I will look good naked!!! if you
    didnt talk that much and didnt say how I look good naked then Id never post
    this comment.

  4. Thanks for all these videos! a question, how should I make the workout
    harder next time after I did this 20 mins? I know I can do it longer but to
    make it more intense I run faster? It is a bit difficult to measure? Or do
    another workout will work? What’s your recommendation? 

  5. Everyone keeps saying the same thing about the hiit work out so I know it’s
    tru… I have the eating part down pact… Excited about this one… Will
    try this Tomorrow 

  6. great workout and the best part of it is when you want to quit you hear the
    voice telling you not to quit!

  7. For losing weight efficiently and maintain it, you must have a permanent
    plan rather than jumping from diet to diet.

  8. I would say that it seems lame that I was duped by a picture of a hot lady
    to watch THIS, but the fact that he’s doing more than I am means that I
    really have no voice to speak with… 

  9. TheSpartanKidz

    i do it a hundred times but maybe that’s just like 7 minutes lol but not

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  14. i like this video alot but sad that i am really running 12mins i time it
    wen i took rest breaks same time as the video said 12:24 mins 

  15. I just started this few hours ago love it I did it twice 40 mins better
    then 20 I say it help me sweat am start n finish it I want to lose 30 lbs
    bfore my birthday 

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