Quick Dumbbell Upper Body Exercises

Quick Dumbbell Upper Body Exercises

http://www.GetFitOver40.com – Quick Dumbbell Upper Body Exercises. Today I get away a bit from the Total Gym and show you some of the exercises I do using Du…
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9 thoughts on “Quick Dumbbell Upper Body Exercises”

  1. Caleb Anthony

    Pretty nice….I didnt know you had a second channel… I subbed. to switchingtomac and the gun vids.

  2. Sorry, I was logged in on my other YouTube account, I am also “switchingtomac”

  3. switchingtomac

    Thanks, it’s an ongoing process and once you hit one goal than try for another and see if you can do better all the time. The Total Gym does really help me put as I find it a bit easier to work when I have days I am not really motivated. It ads a lot of variety to my workouts for sure!

  4. That was meant to read anywhere near as good as you!!! iPad predictive text? Eh……

  5. You’re looking beautiful man,! I just got my total gym and been working on it for 2 weeks now. Already seeing results! If I get to look nowhere near as good as you I will be happy? May even post. Picture? Thanks for your inspiration. Take care. Jon.

  6. Anthony Triano

    Hi, just a quick question couldn’t you use the total gym with the dumb bells with all of it’s incline positions? I tried it and it seems to work well.

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