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1 old school exercise trick to build ripped muscles FAST. http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd7F What’s up y’all, It’s Mike and I’m going to show you my top 20 exe…


  1. Callum Mokaraka

    Hey bro, will all you videos from your old channel still be up to watch?
    Now that you have a new channel?

  2. Hey Michael love your vids. I have a question pre cardio in the mid AM.
    Around 1030, what if anything should I eat to maximize fat burning? I
    already had a shake at 0730, Thanks Brandon

  3. Donaldo Roachford

    Great vid Michael, do mind sharing your workout split? Thanks and keep up
    the good work

  4. You clearly are the stubborn one here. You seem very insecure as well. You
    misinterpreted what I was saying, sorry but you did. Just live with it that
    you were wrong

  5. David McClelland

    I’m saying in higher amounts. Most of your recipes I have no problem with.

  6. Micheal,after i lost around 14 pounds, i can finally see my abs that I have
    been working on but my face looks so skinny and everybody has been telling
    me that I looked much prettier and healthier before and that I should gain
    my weight back and forget about the abs. So, are abs worth having a skinny
    ugly face? 🙁

  7. M6Alex7871992

    Yes but only good fat which comes from nuts and in nuts are alot of
    proteins too .

  8. I didn’t comprehend that or anything else that you have written so far
    incorrectly. You keep commenting back with these idiotic insults and
    arguments that I can easily pick apart because you clearly don’t know what
    you’re talking about but keep trying to argue back. Then you accuse me of a
    reading comprehension fallacy. It’s bad enough that you’re an idiot, but
    the stubbornness is your biggest problem. You’re shooting back with “mommy
    and daddy” insults.. Come on retard, now that’s pathetic

  9. Jamaal Forrest-King

    This channel hasn’t failed me yet. Perfect for days you can’t get to the
    gym, no weights needed leg workout!

  10. Im aksing anyone who knows: is it a good thing if you work on your thighs
    and feel like your legs r dead the next day and not be able to walk because
    this is my case right now from doing squats with weights, im worried if i
    fucked up. Thankyou

  11. Dominic Anfuso

    Gonna do the explosive leg workout tomorrow only I don’t have a bar just
    dumbbells, hopefully I won’t be able to walk the next day 🙂 

  12. George Parcalab

    They laughed when I told them I would get rid of fat with Vixen Fat Loss,
    but then they saw the results. Go and google Vixen Fat Loss to see their

  13. Heyy Could anyone tell me what music this is? He uses it in a lot of videos
    but I haven’t found out yet. Thanks :)

  14. Awesome one i liked each of them and hoping for next video with lot’s of
    new exercise.Thank You

  15. Mohamed Aisha

    man you are amazing , but i would like to see if you can do some planche or
    something like human flag or any of those exercises , it is so important it
    makes your muscles much ripped and also makes it much bigger , trust me ,
    also download it so we can see it 

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