Protein vs Carbs for muscle growth

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25 thoughts on “Protein vs Carbs for muscle growth”

  1. carbs are much more important. people who weight lift tend to take in a lot
    more protein than they need. only need a max of 1.7 grams per KILO of
    bodyweight. To get your kilos divide by 2.2…..carbs you need a lot more
    and doesn’t get broken down and stored as fat as easy as excess protein 

  2. regarding your question at the beginning:

    i have ALWAYS had trouble eating enough food to put on mass. at my height,
    weight, fast metabolism, and amount of exercise i get weekly it is very
    hard for me to eat enough food to get bigger. I need to consume around
    3-4k calories a day, yet by the end of the day i usually have anywhere from
    300-750 left (and am completely full to bursting)

  3. I kinda have to disagree to the fact that you should Aim firstly for your
    protein target.
    For mass building, carbs are the most essential. 

  4. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these normal people
    are able to get ripped easily with Ready Set Ripped (Google it).

  5. mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine

    You don’t need a ‘lot of’ protein. Eat healthy food. Balanced meals. You
    need good fats. This wasn’t mentioned at all. If ur serious, then manage
    your calories, too. I use 55%carbs, 15% protein, 30%fat. Just spread
    protein throughout your day. Multiple meals. No processed food. Eat organic
    if u can. Whole foods. No junk food or soda, candy, take out. Track
    calories and macros. Hemp, rice, non-gmo soy or pea protein. 

  6. Protein intake of 1.5g/ lb lean mass more appropriate. So being 179 lb 12%
    bodyfat take 158 x 1,5 = 237 g protein on training days

  7. To people who want to bulk up some day. Copy and Paste Into Google Ready
    Set Ripped to find out more.

  8. Which is better to build back muscle, eggs or protein powders like muscle
    milk and six star, etc. ????

  9. Thanks for your video’s. I lifted heavy for a long time. 1-3 reps. Glad I
    didn’t tear a muscle but I did find I didn’t grow much muscle mass. I now
    lift 12 to 10 and I get much more pump and size growth. I might go to a 10
    to 8 for a while to see how that works. 

  10. Surendra Shrestha

    Have you heard about Morsch Muscle Madness? (do a google search for it) It
    is a quick way to bulk up fast.

  11. i dont like eating breakfast, i have one strong coffee then 30 minutes on
    rebounder then 150 kettlebell swings, doing a dumbell split workout through
    the week at home, im trying to lose weight though, for instance its 1.30pm
    and i only just ate cottage cheese mixed with sardines and hot sauce, i
    find myself then maybe eating one main meal later in the day

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