Pregnancy Workout!

Pregnancy Workout!

This was filmed when I was 26 weeks pregnant 🙂 My blog: My

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  1. mamasdreamcometrue

    Why would anyone dislike this video? Psh! I’m jealous of the fact you can do so many squats. I have lost all my lower leg muscle I had from running and walking before pregnancy. I REALLY need to get back into that. Thank you for sharing this video:)

  2. Awesome workouts, wish I would have seen this when I was pregnant. I would always go on long walks and do squats as week but just the ones you showed first. I walked a lot and I had a quick easy natural labor, I labore for early labor all morning then when my contractions became more intense and closer together I went to the hospital at 4:30 pm and had my son at 9:41 pm, all natural and it was a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work, hoping you have a quick and easy labor as well 🙂

  3. DanielleBabyBliss

    ya I really like the pelvic tuck as well im interested to see the effects it has when im not pregnant cause obviously now all the results are hidden beneath my bump. 😉

  4. MissRavenDaniL

    Have you been doing all of these since the beginning of pregnancy? I am almost 7weeks now and I can’t seem to peel myself out of bed :-/

  5. DanielleBabyBliss

    good question. I did do some working out but like you I was tired ALOT as well. I started working out more regularly around 14 weeks. go easy on yourself in the first tri and spice things up when u feel better. for now just go for walks and do as much toning as u can handle. litsen to your body, if its telling u to rest and sleep thats what u should be doing. but working out a little will make you fell better. 🙂

  6. xxxamber4marmarisxxx

    This video came at the most perfect time 🙂 You are looking amazing and glowy xx

  7. I do the pelvic thing and I’m not pregnant! I hate doing crunches and it works the lower abs faster then crunches do.
    Try is sititng on a balance ball and rolling in a circle while sitting, just sitting works your abs and the rolling works abs and obliques without hurting the baby or you feeling it.

  8. collegevlogger12

    Im not pregnant but I will add some of the squats into my workout routine. The walking squats seem easy to do and friendly on the knees. The bradley squat is actually really good for posture and to re align your spin. I do agree that is kind of an awkward squat. You look so lovely pregnant!! 🙂

  9. Good job girl!! I take a class right now where we did TONS squats!!! Probably will help me out whenever I do get pregnant!

  10. DanielleBabyBliss

    o ya forgot to mention that. maybe ill write a little annotation on that tip! thanks for reminding me. 😀

  11. Those are great! Totally gonna help out, I’m gonna try them even though i’m only 6 weeks I don’t wanna do much more than that. You did it right, but wanted to mention to beginners that when squatting make sure your knee goes over your toes, and not to the sides. You don’t wanna strain any knee muscles in the process!

  12. DanielleBabyBliss

    lol your sweet! and I know how you feel after the first tri my body felt so weak I was scared to workout out much and I was sooo tired all the time. I didnt started doing a regular routine til around 14 weeks which I forgot to mention in my video. feels so good to get some muscle tone back 😀 good luck! you will get it back in no time!

  13. VeganYogaMama

    The bradley squat looks like the ‘birthing goddess’ or ‘malasana.’ It’s excellent to do, because it obviously prepares you for birthing. You can also start off by rolling a mat under your heals if you can’t get your heals to the ground, or by sitting on a block if your hips are not open enough to squat that intensely.

  14. neon silhouettes

    aw you’re so amazing Danielle, I’m certain I’ve said this before, but you’re going to be an amazing mummy!

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