Pregnancy Exercises: Breathing and Relax

Pregnancy Exercises: Breathing and Relax

Training and physical activity is important during pregnancy: exercises in pregnancy bring benefits both to the mother and to the child. Visit us on Facebook In this video: an exercise to tonify your arms, to improve breathing, to relax, to mobilize the pelvis.
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    1. wow a primera vista prcaee solo un baile pero en serio sirve para quemar grasas, muchas gracias por subir el video, prcaee gracioso al comienzo pero es una buena manera de hacer ejercicio sin aburrirse.

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    1. It’s funny you say that, I’ll have a post up on rice tomorrow ^_^ Come back and check it out! If it doesn’t anwesr all of your questions let me know and I will gladly anwesr them for you ^_^

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