Pre Breakfast Shake (How To Build Muscle Faster) Big Brandon Carter

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25 thoughts on “Pre Breakfast Shake (How To Build Muscle Faster) Big Brandon Carter”

  1. This my favorite health/nutrition channel on youtube right now. And I
    watched The Hodges, Mike Chang, and CT Fletcher.

  2. Anthony Intensity

    Thats an awesome shake. I like the taste of coffee with choclate whey and
    coconut very much too!

  3. I started taking whey protein like you said. Had a shake when I woke up and
    before sleep and one after my workout. But I just felt like im getting fat.
    My abs got less defined. What does your breakfast look like after a 50 gram
    protein shake? 

    your videos dude, givin this a try tomorrow,, but with 1 scoop protein :D..
    i ‘m poor … cant spend too much protein xD

  5. urbanitewheels120

    I bet you that shake work too! I dig that your not one of those I need the
    most expensive thing in the store to make gains type dude. Mad props for
    keepn it REAL and keepn your tips reachable for everybody!

  6. You’re my idol in more ways than one. “Go over my goals for today” It’s a
    smart lifestyle. One question though. Your forearms are just huge. I know
    you started off doing calisthenics and moved on to weighted calisthenics
    which is where I’m at. How did you get your forearms so big though? From
    the Calisthenics? I’ve been doing isolation exercises for the forearms.
    How’d you get such strong forearms?

  7. Hey Brandon, I do cardio empty stomach in the morning as I’ve started
    cutting, will I be catabolic by any chance? Or should I take a shake or a
    fast digesting carb or something before training or some coconut oil shots?

  8. Dude that coffee is garbage… try some other less processed brand.
    sth 100% arabica even instant will be wayyyyy better

  9. not sure if youve done a pre-workout meal video or not but im always
    looking for more ideas for solid energy .

  10. Do you have any tips to make creatine taste better. I got the fruit punched
    flavor thinking that would be good, but it makes me feel like im about to
    throw up every time I’m about to drink it.

  11. i do that except adding coconut oil .. i add milk, coffee, whey isolate,
    horlicks lite and drink it ! thanks a lot bro for the tip ! ^^
    i have a question, can i add creatine in that shake Brandon ? :)

  12. Your vids are decent bro make me laugh plus your sharing good knowledge
    love you the Gadgets you got I’ve pretty much got the same stuff and seeing
    all kindzzzz lol .. Quick question bro how comes your more into the
    bodyweight style of training compared to regular lifting what benefits do
    you reap from this style of your training and if ever you do mix it up with
    the both what training split do you go for? 

  13. If you want those gains you can’t just take a shower, you gotta take a
    ‘moerfuckin’ shower, haha. Check out those Bi’s, tri’s and delts!

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