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  1. why is lou ferigno in here? He was not a powerlifter..A loser in
    bodybuilding…met him in person..not a cool guy

  2. Hey, guys. Check out my new squat video on my channel. I’m a 15 year old
    powerlifter who’s hoping to break some records. Id really appreciate the

  3. francismiladmissaghi

    powerlifting is boring yet “russian hardstyle” is not.. LOL All the best in
    your pathetic life ass-clown

  4. really? i wrote comment and left, pathetic idiot you are the faggot one,
    now even knowing me yet you call others faggots and stuff, get back to the
    cave you came from troll, it was just my opinion and you can NEVER change it

  5. I swear you’ve claimed to be 13 for at least a year and a half. You post
    the same bullshit on every bodybuilding video on YouTube. If you want to
    impress anyone post videos of your lifts at competition faggot

  6. It’s the lifting part of the exercise that can hurt your spine. It doesn’t
    matter how fast he puts it down. Technically he did use his legs to put it
    down as he used his hamstrings and glutes to set the weight down. These
    powerlifters have been lifting weights all their life basically. How are
    you going to say they’re not doing it right?

  7. Youve claimed to be thirteen for at least two years and also to hold
    multiple power lifting records yet there is no evidence or videos of it. Go
    fuck yourself emo faggot

  8. @chevyironead your right that is impossible for 13 to be pulling in the 7’s
    but at 13 I weighed 295 and was still only pulling low 4’s. So he could
    very well be 200 lbs. Now ive leaned out a lot and I’m weighing around 260.
    I had a meet last weekend and I pulled 540. Im 15 now.

  9. sharedwisdom187

    i can read so many stupid shit about andyharglesis, its ridicolous !!! dumb
    homophobic comments and other bullshit like its wrong to be emo ? realy ???
    to all the cavemen who cant stop their senseless hate: you dont have the
    right to judge something you dont understand !!!

  10. Your logic is both why I hate religion and why I hate you. How is still
    being 13 going for you? You were 13 and incredibly cut way back in 2007. So
    you must have that fountain of youth on lockdown.

  11. No, I’m 13. I put the year wrong. And I still can BP 445 lbs NATURALLY at
    200 lbs, all muscle. 😀

  12. haha i’ve been doing that but i eat pretty healthy so it’s hard for me to
    get good food, i eat salmon,steak,chicken,rice,eggs,pb&j protein bars and
    shakes ( serious mass, up your mass, and muscle milk ) is there other foods
    that could help me get calories that aren’t shitty for me?

  13. Lets see some videos then. You think you’re so big and bad and strong, lets
    see videos of you doing this so called 440 bench and 700 deadlift.

  14. Yeah well I can bench 6,000 pounds and squat a billion. My point being, I
    don’t have any proof, and neither do you.

  15. oooooh, mommys little baby pretend to be a tough 🙂 🙂 🙂 you proved very
    well that you are the worthless shitbag !!! try to find a new hobby,
    spreading senseless hate about emos or gays is a realy stupid hobby and its
    also sooo lame and boring 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Well. Simply because they have done it all their life, doesn’t mean that
    they are necessarily doing it right. It’s just that he didn’t just drop it,
    he moved his back to a 90 degree angle parallel to the floor and then
    dropped. That kind of strain would destroy your back, it’s just simple

  17. Dude your lying, YOU HAVE TO BE TAKING STEROIDS, Im 14 and My MAXIMUM is
    175 Pounds… Im 6″0 exact and perfectly healthy

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