powerlifting – What’s so wrong with being strong

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50 thoughts on “powerlifting – What’s so wrong with being strong”

  1. That Russian girl is strong but that style is just absurd, they allow it
    so its not cheating if its legal.

  2. Powerlifting – The real thing
    Bodybuilding- Art
    Powerbodybuilding-Greatest thing ever

  3. Jeffo'n Spikes

    Last Friday I got 400lbs on my deadlift @136lbs in the 148lbs weight class
    it’s on my channel!! My new PERSONAL RECORD!!!

  4. Michael Watson

    Nothing wrong with training to look good either. If people think it’s just
    vain then wearing nice clothes is vain, so is brushing your teeth and
    getting a haircut.

  5. TheAgeOfTheWolf

    Olympic lifting is the only true form of displaying strength. This is

  6. Aidan Mcmahon

    I’d rather to bodybuilding and look better then powerlifting and be a fat
    fuck, that is all, anyone can boast about how much weight they lift but no
    one but another power lifter will give a fuck because you’re a fat

  7. Maryana pisses me off. She doesnt do a actual rep at all. Her stance is
    breaking her back and she has the freaking smile like Miley Cyrus.

  8. whats so wrong with bodybuilding?
    I’d rather have a nice body than power, what you’re gonna impress a girl by
    lifting boxes. I guess. Powerlifting is wack, who the fuck cares about 1
    max rep. one day I’m gonna rep 1000lbs 10x without any problem!

  9. Man if i benched like that girl does, then i’d be putting up 350lbs.
    Seriously, that’s not benching, by ANY standards. It’s literally just
    extending the arms. 

  10. Bodybuilding is muscle n mind matter watching yo diet n lifting with proper
    form a lot harder than power lifting y’all just fat lifters

  11. john
    hero of WWE

  12. any top athletes not on roids?(very few) you can as long as you want, but
    yea its not optimal for powerlifting or bb if u are not on them.

  13. David Mitchell

    😀 Freaking Awesome Not a power Lifter, 😀 but seeing people lift heavy
    weights pushes me to go harder in the gym ! Quite motivational this is

  14. You forgot paul anderson he owns all these guys,.,. And my inspiration for
    training, he did a squat of 1195lb with no knee wraps and no belt or power
    lifting suit or roids. He did it not once but two clean reps.

  15. Pun aniMagnet

    For me, I rather be a shredded cunt, instead of the strongest man. I bet
    these guys cant even do 1 chin.

  16. Stan “The White Rhino” Efferding. The worlds strongest body builder. Holds
    the record for 275 lb weight class raw.

  17. burnindownthehouse

    I think I am going to give up on lifting heavy. I am getting old and my
    body feels like hell because of the heavy toll these weights are taking on
    my joints. I don’t take steroids either so my body takes forever to
    recover from a heavy workout at my age. I need to do one of two things-
    either give in and take anabolic steroids like almost all serious
    powerlifters do so I can recover from heavy lifting or I just need to do
    light weight lifting and just stay fit. I need to make a decision.

  18. This is too extreme. Powerlifters who take their bodies to their limits
    have later very bad health issues. Everybodys body can take just that much.
    But I respect them for overcoming all these dificulties and fighting
    through all that.

  19. You will be if you really want that! Keep you’r head up and train hard as
    you can, and be the best powerlifter that you can be.

  20. FrozenCustardFitness

    Because boys listen to guys on roids and think their training is most
    optimal, despite the gear use.

  21. then they should also stop taking steroids and should only use their
    natural strengths

  22. What’s better than looking like you can do it??? Actually doing it, that’s
    why I love powerlifting!

  23. Θανασης Λιουρας

    I bet the 31s dislikes are from Men who loves aerobik or love yoga…. The
    best motivation vid i’ve ever seen..

  24. I actually did say that to the first guy that puked on the squat. I said
    “Using the suit is cheating.” he replied “no, all power lifters use them” I
    wasn’t to pussy to say it to them .

  25. Power lifting and drag racing are the hardcore in my life. Bodybuilding and
    Pro touring muscle cars are the soft core in my life. Brilliant well put
    together video……

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