Powerlifting Warriors Part 1

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25 thoughts on “Powerlifting Warriors Part 1”

  1. Misha has competed in powerlifting, strongman, and oly lifting. No
    disrespect. Ur vids r great man.

  2. chill brother, I don’t say these guys are pussies.But when u fight an
    “iron” u dont get hit back. All this will not help u to become a warrior in
    battle or a fight.

  3. id have to say bill kazmaier would have to be the reason started lifting,
    he will go down in history as the strongest person who ever lived.

  4. Should have had Lee Moran in your video. First man to officially squat
    1,000, and he trained at Iron Island in Alamedia, Cali!!!!! Awesome person.

  5. Awesome video but really?, Ed Coan the greatest?, while he is a legend and
    one of the best like chuck i don’t think he is the greatest, i think Andy
    Bolton is probably the greatest

  6. @RPD512 Can you work hard and harder than others without dreaming?? I dont
    think, dreaming is that forced us to work hard.. We have got only simple
    pure life without dreamimg.. For me is dreaming everything…

  7. Carlos Alejandro

    Great video! 🙂 what about Oleksander Kutcher though, 5x bw squat! He is an
    inspiration for the smaller guys like me

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