Powerlifting: The Mentality

Mark Bell & Brandon Lilly talk about the mindset of a lifter, savagery ensues. Many Clips Courtesy of Supertraining.tv and the PowerProject Songs: One (Cover…

25 thoughts on “Powerlifting: The Mentality”

  1. I won’t say all that strength isn’t impressive. I can’t say that
    powerlifters don’t sacrifice or aren’t dedicated. My only question is, is
    all of that strength practical? For some, maybe, but for as many as there
    are, I doubt it. Not to mention that there’s no competing with all of the
    synthetic enhancements used in the sport, it’s completely fabricated
    strength in a lot of cases. Also, I don’t believe everyone is headed for
    pain and misery in old age, just those that chose to eat all of that
    processed garbage that’s pushed down our throats. 

  2. I shared this video, but it says the content owner has not made this video
    available on mobile… can you enable that, so more can see??

  3. There is true damage warning, then there is inflammation from overuse. Like
    it or not, the human body cannot withstand infinite volumes of work. Rest
    / rebuilding is of equal importance to training.

  4. There’s pain that is a false alarm and can be ignored, and there’s pain
    that shouldn’t be ignored. The latter gave me a ruptured disk in my neck
    and lower back, set me back 2 years – 2 years of rehab and wasted time.
    Your video should really point out the difference cause it misleads the
    newbies. Just saying.

  5. im a powerlifter myself and wow these guys are amazing like my coach said
    60% percent mental 40% strength

  6. Phillip Shepperd

    that bar flying off of eric lilliebridge’s shoulders… the explosiveness
    is unreal

  7. that mentality produces few world class power lifters along with many more
    people with back injuries that never heal and will put them out of gym for
    good . just you don’t see those people cause they can not lift anymore . 

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