Powerlifting Program Part 1 – Prilepin’s Chart

This video is about Powerlifting Program Part 1. Ed Coan Interview link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPADDBiY1qw.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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43 thoughts on “Powerlifting Program Part 1 – Prilepin’s Chart”

  1. AWESOME CHANNEL!!!!! when i graduate and get a job. will totally hire you
    as a coach if youre available of course.

  2. Wolverine31088

    You did an error: in the prilepin’s table the column between “%” and
    “optimal” is not “Sets” but “REPS per sets” 

  3. Great video, is each protocol only recommended to be used once a week per
    exercise or is that per workout which can be done multiple times a week? 

  4. Hey Garrett just wondering what your thoughts on German volume type
    training are? Been looking at doing it, but never being able to achieve
    that much volume again would be detrimental to future gains? Or would a
    very long intensity/realization block be the necessary thing to do?

  5. Greenice lifting

    with the associated rep ranges at 55%, this is would be more of a “deload”
    for a powerlifter than anything else. it is hard for me to imagine a way in
    which an athlete could take 55% of a training max and make it difficult
    while staying within 30 total reps…..MAYBE by doing 1 set of 30? haha
    idk, it just seems super low….i also dont know how i feel about speed
    work in general, so that might explain my skepticism for using such low
    weight (deloads notwithstanding).

  6. job placencia

    awesome man thank you, could make a video talking about accesory work if
    you have the time in the future?
    keep up the good work

  7. Freddie Groom

    Hey, I’ve only just subscribed to your channel after watching one of Ben
    Rice’s videos. I don’t normally post on these sorts of things but I just
    wanted to say that your video has really helped me rationalise the way I
    look at my training and I just wanted to say that I’m really grateful that
    you made it.

  8. Traviis Wanddevven

    Very interesting videos man.. Thanks a lot! My question is if optimal and
    range is the Limit to the specific exercise, how many sets would you cap a
    workout at for each protocol? Currently aim doing a split
    powerlifting/bodybuilding program so Iam never sure how this affects my
    strength gains

  9. Nice work Garrett. Ain’t gonna lie, I subscribed to you because of that
    first KING-RTS explanation, love how you explain everything about
    powerlifting programs

  10. This is really quality info, thank you. I look forward to this channel
    blowing up, keep up the great work. 

  11. Honestly, do you think speed work (45-55% of 1RM) for natural raw lifters
    helps? So far doesn’t seem to be doing much for me, i prefer more frequency
    with moderate intensity…

  12. Better Aesthetics Bodybuilding

    New video to accompany this

    Dan Green Hardcore Powerlifting Squats

  13. Really wanted to watch this but the videography is garbage. Can’t do it
    sorry. Aww fuk bye

  14. Robert Rivera

    great vid! really sets the vibe with the cool aesthetics and music…..
    dude’s strong as fuck! mad focused……no grunting….no flashy
    approach…..no screaming….no yelling….just straight ripping that shit
    off the floor 

  15. Awesome lifter same as Chris duffin who just broke the all time squat
    record for 220lb class, with a 860lb squat. 

  16. Good job ruining your video with stupid visual tricks. I want to see him do
    his lifts, not how good you are at wiggling the camera and going out of
    focus! The best part is when you make the lights go out and the screen is
    pitch black. That really helps me see the lifting even better. DUH.

  17. Whoever filmed this should get their money back for their Arts degree. WTF
    are you doing? 

  18. Spencer Howard

    The camera style is completely fucking retarded, can’t we just see him
    lift? Thanks for telling us who the camera man is, now I know to avoid his

  19. Watching this first thing in the morning is better than coffee! Thanks for

  20. Sebastian Jackowski

    Honestly man positive feedback or negative.. I tend to ignore both, and
    keep progressing. I do some filming myself with manual focusing, and
    honestly you did a good fucking job here (seriously)… ignore the people
    who dont appreciate the time you took to make this.

    On second note I do like this one more than the others though, mainly due
    to the shadow contrast and lighting; Although I do like the variety!


  21. I’m going to differ on most opinions, I think it’s occasionally interesting
    to see a more artsy take on things. Good video, good music.

  22. The camera work is trash. Couldnt get past 30 seconds before turning it
    off. Dan Green is a monster though. 

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