Powerlifting motivation “WORLD of HEAVY WEIGHTS” by FEDOR

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

GOLD ADESOKAN Yakubu NGR – Nigeria 180kg SILVER BALYNETC Vladimir RUS – Russian Federation 170kg BRONZE ABDELMAGID Taha EGY – Egypt 165kg The International P…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Powerlifting motivation “WORLD of HEAVY WEIGHTS” by FEDOR”

  1. That whole Johnnie, Ben White, and Stan rivalry used to piss me off so
    much. Ben and Johnnie have achieved nothing real in powerlifting and Stan’s
    broken two ALL TIME records. They can’t say shit to him.

  2. Super motivační video fakt pěkná práce……..Všechny tvoje videa jsou
    skvělá jen tak dál 🙂

  3. Good video, but i suggest you to take more footage from elitefts, super
    training tv, westside barbell, orlando barbell, jim wendler’s channel etc.
    , because while watching this vid i felt like this is more ´bout
    bodybuilders who train for pwl too, than only powerlifting with real

  4. These results are not comparable to the results of people with working
    legs. Of course these guys weight less, because they don’t have leg
    muscles. Although they cannot use their legs while lifting, which makes it

  5. Kind of makes me sad that an 103 pound 48 year old asian with no working
    legs can bench more than me… Fuck lol

  6. I would have liked too see at least one of Antolli Miculiuk’s lifts have
    been counted. I think one of them was good.

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