32 thoughts on “powerlifting motivation-russian power Andrey Malanichev and Mikhail Koklyaev”

  1. Holy shit at Andrey in 95. Well, everything else too but I’ve seen so many
    of the lifts I’m almost desensitized to their greatness. But that was

    1. Xmen – Half The Man Extended End Version #2
    2. Hammerfal – Something for ages

  3. Clementino Gisondi

    i’m not american. i’m canadian. i’m a firm believer america is 100%
    corporate, no moral, and they’d do anything to sell you something. as far
    as actuality goes, america is worth nothing at all except world police and
    making tons of money the wrong way. this includes anything that doesn’t go
    with making money off of killing and incarceration. 

  4. we all no roids are part of the game so don’t hate just admire the
    dedication they have to do all of this. It’s taking it to the next level
    just as bodybuilding roids are the only way to get that big.

  5. как круто когда находишь мотиватор с любимыми лифтерами)

  6. Joachim von Kieselhorst

    Why did Castillo get redlighted? Couldn’t understand the commentator, only
    something about “touching” something.

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