15 thoughts on “powerlifting motivation 2013 MONSTER”

  1. possibly the most impressive part of the 800lb squat at the end is how he’s
    an olympic lifter (Pat Mendes) and he basically just falls into the ATG
    squat and then just pushes the shit back up. 

  2. Oh dear you, there exist natural athletes lifting 830 lbs deadlift, 750 lbs
    bench and 1015 lbs suat. Greetings from Norway. (these are equipped lifts).

  3. Nikos Triantafillou

    1) some numbers in this video are in kg (like konstantinovs 426 kg
    deadlift) 2) dont believe that guys at your gym are all natural if they
    lift 800 lbs deadlift or 500 bench 3) when you have a big number on these 3
    lifts then every single pound is hard to lift

  4. not looking for an asshole answer but theres guys at my gym that lift
    pretty close to these guys weights but are half the size and are all
    natural, after a certain point does it get extremely hard or are the guys
    ive seen just really that strong?

  5. Who is the first guy? Been to his channel a looong time ago so idk who it
    is. Insanely strong.

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