Powerlifting – I Walk Alone

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25 thoughts on “Powerlifting – I Walk Alone”

  1. What do fist fights have to do with PL? It’s like going on to a Jon Jones
    or Mayweather video and calling them ‘weak’ because they can’t squat
    800lbs+. Silly.

  2. Came in expecting awesoem video like the rest, saw SHW multiply lifters.
    Left disappointed

  3. fuck. It’s 2:51am, I should’ve been asleep hours ago and now after watching
    this I just want to train and definitely won’t be sleeping any time soon.

  4. @AdeptusCustode What is the top level in powerlifting then? It sure as
    he’ll isn’t these faggots half squatting multi ply in a monolift.

  5. If you pussy take all the world steroids, you still couldn’t do what the
    men in this video do.

  6. Dude, powerlifters are… lifters! they can fight best against heavy loads,
    not humans! try getting in a fist fight with a pro boxer sounds alike the
    rest you said.

  7. Andy Harglesis

    For being only 13 and DRUG FREE I can bench 430lbs RAW with NO STRAPS, not
    even PROTEIN SHAKES! Please view my channel to see the vid in 1080p!

  8. Андрей амбалыч

    ох ебать тут у приседающей девочки жопа была

  9. ADFPF and WDFPF. “Real competition” organizations,under drug tested
    rules.So no real competition without cycling right????

  10. Sangpour100vrai

    oh no maybe i dont give a fuck about a youlifter, just saying selfrespect
    and roids dont make sens. I’m not judging and believe roids are not that
    bad either. If you people take it personnal than maybe I’m right.

  11. Samuel Manigoldo

    i’ll never be a great powerlifter but damn it’s makin’ me proud of
    myself,lifting more and more as i grow and train,and,all this with no
    cheats,no juices! 290lbs benchpress 400lbs squat body weight 169lbs all
    this in two hard worked years! Everybody,leave it all in the gym!

  12. you can be the most ripped guy in history and have the best looking body
    but what can you do with it besides showing it off…im a powerlifter
    myself and i dont thing having a good looking body means your strong i
    think it means your nothing but skin and bones with a weak mentality

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