Powerlifting Fails Funhouse

Powerlifting Fails Funhouse

Sharing a few videos that i hadnt seen before that are so funny. Makes you feel good about yourself. Ha leave the time code with your favorite one in the com…

Powerlifting Pastor Is World's Strongest Priest

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31 thoughts on “Powerlifting Fails Funhouse”

  1. Cyrus Shokoohideh

    If a girl ever kicks me in the balls while I’m doing squats, she is going
    to get Chris Browned.

    Seriously, why would you kick someone in the balls while doing squats. That
    is just fucking dangerous.

  2. Cameron Menshikov

    love the pussy high school weightroom half squats at 1:06. a kick in the
    balls was deserved

  3. Who is that cunt rag that kicked the guy in the balls? I’ll fucking drop a
    barbell on her fat ass

  4. Fuckin shit for brains these people have like if you see someone struggling

  5. That fucking cunt at 1:25 should be punched. While she writhes in pain on
    the ground, the guy should giggle “hehe, sorry.” What a stupid fucking
    moron, I hate cunts that think its funny or ok to hit a guy in the nuts.

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