Powerlifting Deadlift Technique

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Tried my hand at making my first ever motivational video, there’s a lot of dan green and a lot of deadlifts. Enjoy folks!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

18 thoughts on “Powerlifting Deadlift Technique”

  1. Whats up with the black slippers/socks. I noticed the “Ant” wears those
    too. Are they magical? 

  2. Mauricio De Rosso

    Seriously, how did I not find your videos earlier? AMAZING explanations of
    mechanics and very clear carryover to instruction for application. I feel
    like I understand these lifts soooo much better. You said you are preparing
    a series on equipment-do you take requests? I’d love to understand the
    effect on mechanics of heeled shoes (oly shoes) on the squat variations and
    even on the deadlift. I know people usually wear flat shoes on deads, but
    I’m curious about the mechanics impact on the first part of Olympic lifts.
    Thanks again man, you should be getting paid for these.

  3. Kostas Theocharis

    deisagree with the conv deadlift form. i like to pull the bar towards me
    before i pull, and not keep it static. Just my technique, but you should
    have mintioned it imo. all in all, great video 🙂 keep uploading

  4. Daniel Trifunovic

    You’re not supposed to externally rotate your underhand shoulder when you
    mix grip..

  5. Damn that video was helpful as hell, appreciate the obvious effort in
    making the vid. I can already envision my deadlift form improving now to
    put it into play!

  6. Olve Heitmann

    Probably the best channel and articles I have ever read on powerlifting
    technique. Could you please do a video where you discuss how much one
    should round the back if one decides to do rounded back deadlifts from the
    start on every lift(such as KK does), the injury risk, and a tutorial to do
    it properly. I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks for the great content

  7. Sick stuff man i am at work what a bad place to watch that because i just
    want to fuckking deadlift lol

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