Powerlifting Camp Pendleton 2014 United States Powerlifting Association

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25 thoughts on “Powerlifting Camp Pendleton 2014 United States Powerlifting Association”

  1. What’s the white stuff they put on their hands and stuff for lifting the

  2. Is it normal to begin cutting weight so close to the meet? I have no clue
    about anything powerlifting.

  3. I laughed so hard when Bart said the numbers I did at the Gym I couldn’t do
    today “probably because I didn’t eat some tacos” ahahahahah

  4. leftyqwerty123

    Should have gone to Russian sauna (called Banya) it’s fuking hot and humid

  5. I find it weird how there are two dudes and one of them is filming the
    other while in the bathroom………ahahaha

  6. what we did for wrestling was to spit at every tree on the way there and
    run in 5 hoodies 20 jackets and 53,000 shirts. it was hell making weight so
    good work getting it done

  7. Will you guys still be releasing that footage of Bart’s first powerlifting
    competition that Casey recorded? Looking forward to seeing it and I’m sure
    many other viewers are too.

  8. God of Mediocrity

    When is Bart’s mom going to appear in a powerlifting documentary? I hear
    word of that all the time

  9. Run the shower and run the bath tub with hot water, wear a sauna suit or
    huge trash bag and stay in the bathroom covering the doors. It is pretty
    much a sauna room when you do that.

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