Powerlifting Bench Press Technique

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11 thoughts on “Powerlifting Bench Press Technique”

  1. Have you ever touched on lifting of the head, in another video maybe?.
    Great vid.

  2. Anferni Kriksus

    Maybe you can talk about the grip width too? What is optimal for what type
    of leverages and muscle strength while be safe on the shoulders. That can
    help a lot too. Btw. Nice channel. ;)

  3. Powerlifting To Win

    wazzup105, I grip the bar to use it as leverage when I push into my arch. I
    grip at my normal bench width when I do this out of habit.

  4. Great video, from an audio standpoint, you have gotten a pop filter since
    this last video? If not, its recommended. Will minimize the sound of
    plosives, that generate air onto the capsule of your microphone, causing
    pops and hisses.

  5. Is there any danger to the knee with that extreme of an angle and pressing
    off of the toes? I’d assume it’s fine for a healthy knee, but I’ve torn 3
    out of 4 ligaments in one of my knees and I’m pretty paranoid about
    injuring it again.

  6. This is one of the best Bench tutorials out there. I will share it when
    ever i can! Nice Work!

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