Powerlifting – Behind The Beasts Lilliebridge, Leeman, Rubish, Carter, Hawthorne, Fagiani, Fadel

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50 thoughts on “Powerlifting – Behind The Beasts Lilliebridge, Leeman, Rubish, Carter, Hawthorne, Fagiani, Fadel”

  1. When Lilliebridge Jr, said put down the twinkie…i love twinkies tho! Its
    my pre workout!

  2. Love the vid until that one guy started bashing bodybuilding.. what a pussy
    is he to say that all bodybuilders are pussys.. he probably never got to 2%
    bf.. very stupid comment.. he should go into his dark room and cry himself
    to sleep… bashing something isnt the right way to promote something…
    besides that, great vid and great people, fun to utilize some powerlifting
    in my routine.

  3. like pete rubish. but i’m not tough guy, i did fighting for 10 years, i
    like powerlifting and strongman. it’s all about what we like. ping pong for
    example, that’s why we have choices.

  4. You can say what you want to say, but you should expect people commenting
    on whatever you’re saying too if you’re making a public video. Maybe if you
    opened yourself up a bit towards an other man’s opinion, you wouldn’t find
    me annoying.

  5. get your head out of the gutter. I don’t mean it’s drug free. If you
    honestly believe sports out there are drug free, then you got some waking
    up to do.

  6. Funny how all the comments get downvoted where people express their opinion
    about the guy hating on bodybuilding.. I guess hes allowed to bash bb but
    nobody is allowed to bash him.. real nice guys…

  7. Thats very well rounded and some pretty good numbers for only 9 months
    training! Keep it up, this is definitely a good sport for you!

  8. This video is so inspirational..Thanks so much for sharing you all’s
    personal struggles and the reason why you POWER LIFT. It helps me to see
    another side of those TOUGH MEN that HAVE massive strength!

  9. yeah he shot it twice. if i had known these guys were gonna go deep like
    that, i woulda made mine deeper too. Oh well.

  10. you don’t have to do this, you have to do that. Man, people like you really
    are annoying. It’s life, people can say whatever they want to say and do
    whatever they want to do. The punishments/rewards/expressions are an end
    result of all of it. What Luigi said about bodybuilding is 100% true.

  11. Victor Hammarbäck

    Great video but i don’t get why he puts down bodybuilding att 05:45,
    bodybuilding is about building a physique that you want to attain not to
    look strong but purely aesthetic! I don’t hate on strongman, crossfit och
    powerlifting, we all have our goals and working towards them is the
    important thing and we shouldn’t put the other diciplines down!

  12. DJ i love your vids mate! Please use this song in one. Chevelle – Send the
    pain below !! Keep it up brah! <3

  13. @andyharglesis dude we all know your lying so i like to see you lift that
    weight in front of my face

  14. people say if you got a six pack you are strong haha bunch of bull shit
    haha im fat and i can left twice as much as those skinny kids….its like a
    saying “skinny guy with a six pack are like fat chicks with boobs you
    already have it haha”

  15. Andy is the best deadlifter in the world. First one to deadlift 1000 lbs.
    Great Great Andy.

  16. THE BEST THING IN LIFE IS SPORT 4 me i set a goal i get to my goal <3 i
    love u Powerlifting

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