Powerful Upper Chest Gym Workout : Build Huge Pecs

Powerful Upper Chest Gym Workout : Build Huge Pecs

http://www.sixpackfactory.com and muscle building expert Justin Woltering brings you this powerful Upper Chest Gym Workout. If you want to build some huge pe…

25 thoughts on “Powerful Upper Chest Gym Workout : Build Huge Pecs”

  1. hey man i wanna ask what do u reccomend to do after the chest workout is
    complete should i do Triceps,Delts or Biceps .

  2. bro .. these are all for Pumping workout .. these can just pump you for a
    while , for gaining its really wrong way to do . sorry bro but its true .

  3. Ricky Reynolds

    Great example and help for me to build support from a broken neck racing
    motorcycles. I want to build up my neck and whole upper to eliminate the
    pain meds and gain support from all the pinched nerves.

  4. james de loera

    your going to fuck up your rotator cuff doing it that way man dont do it,
    the first exercise

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    Muscle Booster”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  6. Siddharth Biswa

    Bookmarked it And Subscribed to Your Channel Now… I gotta Give it a Try
    Actually I want to Look Like You Man… You Got Nice Perfect Body Bro (y)

  7. Watch one of the best HOME CHEST WORKOUT !!
    If you can do this routine ,x3 times..you are a HERO.

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  9. thank you for taking the time and doing the video. its good to have
    different activities for chest workouts. 

  10. Grieve Graves

    I wish these guys would explain exactly what’s going on with your body and
    exactly what muscles are being exercised.

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    but then I showed them the results. Google H6x Muscle Monster to see their

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