Power Unlimited

Power Unlimited

A documentary about the origins and history of Powerlifting, includes Larry Pacifico, Ed Coan, Kirk Karwoski, Scott Cartwright, Scott Mendelsohn , Dave Waddi…

Powerlifting MOTIVATION - Light The Fire Beneath You

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50 thoughts on “Power Unlimited”

  1. One of best powerlifting documentary with some of the best powerlifters the
    sport has seen 

  2. Mendy’s wife says $500 a week just for him?!?! I hate to say it but bull
    shit! lol no fucking way unless you eat lobster and fillet mignon all day..

  3. As a novice powerlifter with an eyesight disability, I just wanted to say I
    love this sport. The weights don’t give a shit about who you are and treat
    everyone the same. The only thing holding you back is you and you alone.

  4. every Powerlifter is a bencher, squatter, or deadlifter, BUT, not every
    bencher, squatter, or deadlifter is a Powerlifter (:

  5. There are a ton of Bench only and Push/Pull powerlifting meets. So you’re
    saying that the people that compete at elite level in those categories
    aren’t powerlifters? I don’t think so.

  6. I think they should add Pull-Ups as a 4th Powerlifting event. Maybe have a
    max of 20 points onto your score….it would revolutionize athletes in the

  7. That’s a great point. For example, Japan’s Daisuke Midote has mainly an
    endomorph body type, resulting in strong Squats, world record breaking
    Bench Presses, but relatively weak Deadlift even though he uses a Sumo
    Deadlift technique. Conversely, if a lifter has relatively long arms,
    medium legs, and huge powerful shoulders, a characteristic ectomorph and
    mesomorph body type mixture, he/she will likely have strong Squats and
    Deadlifts, but relatively weak Bench Press.

  8. wasnt really as awesome as i thought it would be…I really pictured it
    more like that old strongest man in the world-event when they wrestled.

  9. SundayMorningRunner

    Because of the ridiculous amount of weight. Look up lower PL classes and
    those guys are not as bulky as most of this “fat guys”. Also, PL is not
    about looks, is about lifting very fucking heay things up and put them
    down. Another factor to this thing is that, all that “bulkiness” and fat is
    there to support the joints support all the weight they lift.

  10. A. Vote down on all these people who come on this site to solicitate you to
    go to another site, there spam B. I agree with what they say, but two
    words, Ronnie Coleman, bodybuilder doing multiple dead lifts in a row of
    800 pds.

  11. recently started power lifting….this video gave me enough motivation to
    lift some heavy weight

  12. Seen this at least a dozen times now but I still get goosebumps after
    watching this! Great video!

  13. have a mindset like that and you’ll always be pulling 5 plates and gain 2
    lbs of muscle in 3 years

  14. Vanilla Gorilla

    and the reason why I lift much as I do is because in last half a year I had
    2 surgeries which got nothing to do with training but I was unable to
    lift.I never said I believe you can be Eric Spoto or some other elite
    powerlifter being drug free,again you are missing the fucking point.I said
    you can come close to elite ( not best ever learn what elite powerlifter is
    ) being drug free.It will take years of course,but you can,no matter you
    belive or not.I hope you understand something from this

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