Power Clean – Olympic Weight Lifting Guide

See http://www.workoutbox.com for more workouts and exercises. The power clean is a skill transfer exercise for the full clean, which means it assists with t…
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1 Milen DOBREV 187.5+ 220 = 407.5 2 Khadzhimourad AKKAEV 185+ 220 = 405 3 Eduard TYUKIN 182.5+ 215 = 397.5 Тяжелая атлетика важка атлетика haltérophilie ağır…

29 thoughts on “Power Clean – Olympic Weight Lifting Guide”

  1. I dislike when people put up tutorials thinking they are doing it well. The
    O lifts take years and years to perfect. Professionals are constantly
    working on their technique. 

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    powders, pills, or potions. Go Google Skinnimaker System to find out more.

  3. He is using rubber weights specifically made for olympic lifting. That is
    why he is dropping the bar each time. Do not drop regular weights

  4. he thought he was so cool dropping the bar like that acting like he didnt

  5. IDevilz Carnage

    Wish I would have seen this video before I hurt my lower back trying to
    clean a few months back…I realized I was doing it completely wrong.

  6. If you don’t have bumper plates, you may damage the bar or weight set. If
    at all possible, perform Olympic movements using bumper plates. If you are
    unable to drop the weight after executing a power clean, you will expend a
    significant amount of energy eccentrically lowering the load to the floor.

  7. TheRealColinChan

    what do you suggest for wrist flexibility? that is a problem i have at the

  8. Anthony Passaro

    so the point of this video….before you do power cleans, learn how to do
    power cleans….uh thanks..?

  9. Alejandro Mora

    @AaDdPp1997 squat is more dangerous because it is most likely going to be
    more wieght and the falling techinque is hard knowing you have to fall
    forward just today on my team the biggest guy being a stupid fall back
    twice and the second time hit his head with 435 lbs

  10. Dropping weights is for idiots. Period! You can develop strength catching
    and controlling the weight to the floor, without making a ton of useless
    noise. People only drop weights to draw attention to themselves. It’s

  11. the gym at the university i go to has bumper plates, but they don’t let you
    drop them. I do it all the time with heavy deads, snatches and cleans, hell
    I even drop it when I’m free squatting. They hate it, but don’t mess with
    me because I’m the only powerlifter in the gym ololol. Probably because all
    the trainers/staff there are total noobs who use exercise balls and do calf


    you would swear this dummy was lifting 400lbs. what with the cocky
    demeanor, and dropping the weight so ignorantly

  13. my coach says the power clean is the hardest life to do and the bench is
    the easyest and the most dangerous thats how USCs running back got hurt he
    droped a the bar on his neck and smashed hisvoice box he couldnt play in
    the senior bowl

  14. @TheRealColinChan it’s going to take consistent time and effort – and yes,
    the front squat is a skill transfer exercise for the full clean. That will
    help considerably.

  15. TheRealColinChan

    @workoutbox yep thats right, i am using my hands too much. i’ve been
    working on the stretching of my wrists like your first suggestion, with the
    elbow high, but i find that when doing the actual lift it doesn’t feel very
    natural. should i just keep practicing and get better? how about front
    squats with clean grip?

  16. @Venus1Star The power clean is an explosive total body exercise, and I
    wouldn’t deem it necessary to assign it to a certain muscle group split.
    These movements should be done prior to all other exercises during your
    workout as well.

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