POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout

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25 thoughts on “POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout”

  1. Starting Day 1 of the beginners calendar! This is my second attempt and I
    feel my legs cramping up. Is it my form or does this happen with all
    newbies to pilates?

  2. Can somebody tell me how you went through the first day? Like, was it easy,
    medium hard or hard but bearable? Because I can’t even finish the first
    exercise without wanting to cry. Is it just me, am I just THAT out of

  3. … is anyone else having trouble stay good balanced during all of this???
    I keep toppling over D:

    Also, can’t concentrate on holding in the stomach and doing other things.
    And I can’t get my legs to go straight. At all. Not even close to straight.
    A little difficult to get any straighter than 90 degree angle when trying
    to lift them up separately, and not much better when together :(

  4. I try to exercise daily, however, my parents are always (and I mean always)
    going out to restaurants with me. I’m not quite old enough to start cooking
    main meals. Blogilates seems to be making me stronger, however I’m not
    losing weight because of the restaurants. What do you recommend, seeing as
    I can’t change the places I eat at? Please help, I’m trying to improve my
    body for school & social activities.

  5. Just finished doing this video and I’ve done some of Casey’s new pilates
    videos where I DRIP sweat! However, when i did this video I didn’t sweat AS
    MUCH. Is it because I’m not working hard enough or because it’s a beginners
    video? Please help?

  6. As a guy doing this on the virge of ending the first month, I wonder why
    very few guys do this, it HARD! Starting this summer vacations I wanted to
    lose weight (I was 83 kg at the time) but I only started doing stuff at the
    last month of vacations. After one month and a week of crossfit and a
    healthy diet I lost 7 kg. Now I started my second year in college so I
    decided to keep going and in two weeks (my routine is 30 minutes of
    running, 30-40 minutes of 7 minute workout and the daily blogpilates
    excercises, as recommended by my sister) and a healthy diet I lost 3.8 kg
    and my abs and legs are starting to look way better. (Still have a long way
    to go, but it’s getting there).

  7. Can someone explains Cassie’s calendar to me? I’m new to this 🙂 so do you
    follow one of her videos on her blog each day? 

  8. Can anyone tell me the outcome of doing the beginners calendar? Like ex.
    80kg to 60kg by doing the work out something like that? Just wondering ^,^
    thank you in advance x

  9. Day 1 from the beginners calendar! I was really scared to start this, but
    it wasn’t that bad. I’ll admit I almost cried at the leg circles, ALMOST!
    But now that I finished it I have a complete workout high, which is not
    common in me! If anyone else is just starting, we can keep each other on

  10. I’ll be taking pictures of myself today and I’ll start the beginner
    calendar! Very excited to see how will I look in one month c: ♥

  11. wow i thought this was gonna be a piece of cake and it wasnt, im sweating a
    lot, cant get to complete all this beginners month!

  12. So when doing the leg triangles my hips kept popping. That made me want to
    stop but I just went half way up and then they didn’t. What should I do
    next time? I’m really worried I don’t want to strain them. Also when I do
    squints my knees start hurting and crackling any advice?

  13. On the first leg workout where you’re on your side and lifting one leg up
    my hip started hurting on the leg that was on the floor every time I lifted
    the other leg up in the air? What am I doing wrong?

  14. I think I’m honestly just too fat to do this workout. Most of it was
    impossible. Also, my body’s natural instinct is to inhale when exerting
    energy, so Cassey’s slow breathing just won’t work for me. Congrats to
    those who have had success with this, but it’s just not gonna work for me.

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